GIFT NIFTY Tumble 300 , Oil up 4% And Gold Soar On Reports Israeli Airstrikes In Iraq And Syria

By | April 19, 2024 8:25 am

Iranian Outlet Fars: An explosion was heard in the city of Qahjavaristan, Isfahan Some local sources report that an explosion was heard in the city of Qahjavaristan in the northwest of Isfahan. The cause of these noises is still unknown, and Fars reporter’s follow-up continues until the exact incident is determined. The city of Qahjavaristan is located near Isfahan Airport and the 8th Shekhari Base of the Army Air Force.

Iranian media outlets are claiming that the explosions heard tonight are due to interceptions, not ground explosions. They argue that the events were part of a failed and embarrassing attempt by Israeli aviation.

Bloomberg reports that Israeli officials informed the United States earlier today about their plans to retaliate within the next 24-48 hours.

Tehran’s Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA) has instructed passengers that all flights have been canceled and they must leave the airport.

Fox News reports that Israeli attacks on Iran were executed using unmanned drones.

US officials describe the Israeli strikes in Iran as limited in scope.

Three large explosions were heard in Isfahan, south of Tehran, as confirmed by US officials.

The Natanz nuclear facility, located in Isfahan, may have been targeted.

There have been unconfirmed reports of simultaneous explosions in Syria and Iraq (Baghdad and Babil/Babylon province).

Iran has imposed a no-fly zone over its western region.

Markets reacted strongly, with oil and gold prices rising sharply while Treasury yields, cryptocurrencies, and stocks declined.

Despite President Biden’s warnings not to escalate the already tense situation, Israel retaliated against Iran’s weekend attack, which itself was in response to Israel’s bombing of Iran’s embassy in Syria on April 1.

In addition, Iranian state media confirms an Israeli attack on Iranian territory. According to these reports, the Israeli Air Force may have targeted the 8th Tactical Airbase of the Iranian Air Force, located within Isfahan International Airport, home to several squadrons of F-14 “Tomcat” fighter aircraft.

ABC News reports that Israeli missiles struck a site in Iran, while Iranian state media confirms that a no-fly zone has been established over the western region.

Iranian media report hearing three major explosions in Isfahan, south of Tehran.

The Jerusalem Post confirms that there have been simultaneous explosions in Iran, Syria, and Iraq, according to initial reports.

Iran’s Fars News Agency mentions explosions heard in central Isfahan Airport, though the cause remains unknown.

Finally, ABC reports that Israeli missiles hit a site in Iran, as confirmed by a US official.

Oil jumped with Brent rallying above $89 a barrel in a sudden move higher.

“Unconfirmed reports of strikes in the Middle East may suggest that worst fears have come true,” with traders having been braced for Israel’s response to Iran’s drone and missile attack, said Warren Patterson, head of commodities strategy for ING Groep NV in Singapore.

“If reports turn out to be true — and depending on the nature of strikes — we are moving closer towards a scenario where supply risks become a reality, and so the market will likely have to start pricing in an even larger risk premium,” he added.

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