Where does God live?

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There was a Brahmin, he used to earn his living by visiting homes and offering prayers.

Once that Brahmin was called for worship from the palace of the king of the city.

That Brahmin happily went to worship after receiving the invitation from the royal palace.

When the Brahmin started coming home after completing the puja, the king asked a question to the Brahmin, “O Brahmin God! If you worship God, then tell me where God lives?

Where is his gaze, and what can God do?

The Brahmin was surprised to hear the king’s question and after thinking for some time said to the king, “O King! Please give me time to answer this question.”

The king gave the Brahmin one month’s time.

Every day the Brahmin remained busy wondering what would be the answer to this.

While doing this, time passed and only a few days were left.

With the passage of time, the Brahmin’s worries also started increasing and due to not getting the answer, the Brahmin started feeling sad.

One day, seeing the Brahmin worried, the Brahmin’s son said, “Father, why are you so sad?”

Then the Brahmin said, “Son! A few days ago, I had gone to the palace to perform the puja.

When I was returning after performing the puja, the king asked me a question.

The king said, where does God live? What can God do? And where is God’s gaze?

The answer to the king’s question could not be suggested to me at that time, so I asked him for some time, for which the king gave me one month’s time to answer and that one month is about to pass but it I don’t have the answer, so I’m worried.”

Hearing the words of the Brahmin, his son said, “Father! I will answer this to the king. You take me along.”

When one month was over, the Brahmin went to the palace with his son and said to the king, “O king! My son will answer your question.”

The king asked the same question to the Brahmin’s son, tell me where does God live, where is God’s gaze and what can God do?

That Brahmin son said to the king, “O king! Isn’t the first guest respected in your kingdom?”

Hearing this the king felt a little embarrassed.

First the child was given a place with respect and then the servant brought a glass of milk to drink.

That boy held the glass of milk, put his finger in the milk, rotated it and started taking the milk out again and again and looking at it.

Seeing this the king asked, “What are you doing?” The boy said, “I have heard that there is butter in milk. I am just seeing where there is butter in milk? Butter is missing from the milk of your kingdom.”

The king said, “There is butter in milk, but it is not visible like this. When milk is coagulated and curd is made, and then the curd is churned, then butter is obtained.”

The Brahmin’s son said, “Maharaj! This is the answer to your first question. Just as curd is obtained from milk and then butter is obtained by churning the curd, in the same way God is present within every living being.

But to get Him, true There is a need for devotion. By doing devotion carefully with the mind, one realizes the hidden God in the soul.”

The king was happy with the answer of the Brahmin’s son and said, “Now answer my second question, where does God look?”

The boy said, “King, I will answer this but I need a candle for this.” The king immediately called for a candle and gave it to the boy.

The boy lit the candle and said, “King, tell me, which way is the light of this candle?” The king said, “Its light is the same in all directions.” Then the boy said, “O King! This is the answer to your second question.

Because God is omniscient and His eyes are always on the actions of all living beings.” The king was very pleased with the boy’s answer. Now that he had answered the last question he became even more curious.

The king said, “Answer my last question, what can God do?” The child said, ‘O king! I will definitely answer this question but for this I will have to come to your place and you will have to come to my place.”

The king was curious to know the answer and he gave his consent.

The boy sat on the king’s throne and said, “King !

The answer to your last question is, you said that what can God do, then God can do this that he can make a pauper like me sit on the throne and put a king like you in place of a pauper like me, that is, he can make the king a pauper and We can make a pauper a king. This is the answer to your last question.”

The king was very pleased with the answer of that Brahmin son and made him his advisor. God resides in the heart of every living being. If you love God, then he Will show you the right path. That’s why every living being should do puja, bhajan-kirtan, so that you can connect with the power within you which is present within you but you are not able to recognize it.

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