The Enigmatic World of Financial Astrology: George Bayer’s Expertise Revealed

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Astrology in general is not looked upon fondly in modern society. It is labeled as superstitious, unscientific, and relegated to the back page of newspapers next to the comics. However, many traders, including myself, use astrology to time markets with very high success. In many cases, it is possible to know when a turning point will occur in the market down to the exact minute when using appropriate techniques. The reason I say “appropriate” is that most of the techniques used by professional astrotraders tend to be quite a bit different from what you’ll find in an introductory astrology book at your local bookstore.

Financial astrology, an intriguing intersection of astrology and finance, has captivated the minds of many seeking unconventional insights into market trends. At the forefront of this enigmatic world is George Bayer, a figure whose expertise in financial astrology has left an indelible mark. In this exploration, we delve into the depths of Bayer’s teachings, unraveling the mysteries that surround financial astrology and unveiling the secrets that have fueled his success.

I. The Man Behind the Mystique

George Bayer, born in 1878, was a prolific financial astrologer and trader. His unconventional approach to market analysis, blending astrological principles with financial trends, set him apart from conventional thinkers of his time. Bayer’s background in engineering and mathematics provided him with a unique analytical perspective, allowing him to approach financial markets with a methodical precision that intrigued and confounded contemporaries.

A. Early Life and Influences

Understanding Bayer’s journey requires a look into his early life and the influences that shaped his unconventional worldview. Born in Switzerland, Bayer’s exposure to diverse cultures and philosophies during his formative years played a crucial role in shaping his eclectic approach to financial astrology.

B. Transition to Finance

Bayer’s transition from engineering to finance was marked by a keen interest in market dynamics. His early experiences as a trader fueled his curiosity about the underlying forces driving market fluctuations. It was during this period that he began to experiment with combining astrology with financial analysis, setting the stage for the development of his unique methodology.

II. The Astrological Framework

Central to George Bayer’s approach was the integration of astrological principles into financial analysis. This section explores the key components of Bayer’s astrological framework and how he applied them to interpret market movements.

I remember reading George Bayer’s book Stock & Commodity Traders Handbook of Trend Determination. In rule #1 he states that The trend changes when Mercury changes its direction it was on 03 October and you can see all world markets are rallying conceptualized  using astrology in this manner. But it did help me to change my astrological mind set.

A. Planetary Cycles and Market Trends

Bayer believed that planetary cycles influenced market trends. By aligning astrological cycles with historical market data, he identified recurring patterns that offered insights into potential turning points in financial markets. This marriage of celestial movements with market behavior formed the foundation of Bayer’s forecasting methodology.

His forecasts are documented in his Market Previews, and he published a total of 8 books, all in English, and all on trading stocks and commodities:

Time Factors in the Stock Market – 1933, 

Complete Course of Astrology – 1937,

Bible Interpretation – 1937,

Stock & Commodity Traders’ Handbook of Trend Determination – 1940,

Gold Nuggets for Stock & Commodity Traders – 1941,

Egg of Columbus – 1942,

Turning Four Hundred Years of Astrology to Practical Use – 1943,

George Wollsten – 1946).  

Stock & Commodity Traders Handbook of Trend Determination (1940) is an excellent introduction to the methods used by George Bayer. It lays the ground work principles in fairly simple terms which is directly focused upon giving a set of clearly defined trading rules Fro traders to apply, using his astrological indicators


III. Practical Applications of Bayer’s Techniques

While Bayer’s approach may seem esoteric, its practical applications in financial markets garnered attention and respect. This section delves into real-world examples where Bayer’s techniques were applied successfully, showcasing the effectiveness of financial astrology in predicting market trends.

A. Case Studies

Examining specific instances where Bayer’s predictions aligned with actual market outcomes provides tangible evidence of the validity of his approach. Whether it be predicting market reversals, identifying favorable investment opportunities, or warning against potential downturns, Bayer’s techniques left an indelible mark on financial history.

B. Legacy and Influence

Despite skepticism from traditional financial circles, Bayer’s legacy endures through the continued exploration of financial astrology. Traders and analysts inspired by his work continue to incorporate astrological principles into their strategies, further validating the enduring influence of George Bayer.

IV. Criticisms and Controversies

No exploration of financial astrology, particularly George Bayer’s work, would be complete without addressing criticisms and controversies. This section delves into the skepticism surrounding Bayer’s methods and the challenges faced by those attempting to validate the scientific basis of financial astrology.

A. Scientific Scrutiny

Critics argue that the correlation between celestial movements and market trends lacks a scientifically rigorous foundation. The absence of universally accepted methodologies for testing and validating astrological predictions has fueled skepticism within the academic and financial communities.

B. Subjectivity in Interpretation

Another point of contention lies in the subjective nature of astrological interpretation. Critics contend that different practitioners may interpret celestial configurations in divergent ways, leading to inconsistent predictions and diminishing the reliability of financial astrology as a whole.


The enigmatic world of financial astrology, as revealed through the expertise of George Bayer, continues to fascinate and polarize opinions. While skeptics question the scientific basis of astrological forecasting, proponents argue that the enduring legacy of Bayer’s successes underscores the potential value of this unconventional approach. As we navigate the complexities of financial markets, Bayer’s teachings remind us that sometimes, unconventional perspectives can provide unique insights into the ever-evolving landscape of finance.

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