Key Interim Budget Announcements – 2024

By | February 1, 2024 3:51 pm

– **Solar Power Schemes:**
– New schemes by PM Modi to save INR 15,000-18,000 annually for households with rooftop solar panels.
– 1 crore households to receive 300 units per month free.

– **PM Awas Yojana Grameen:**
– Close to achieving 3 crore homes target.
– Additional 2 crore homes planned due to increasing demand.

– **Ayushmaan Bharat:**
– Expanded to cover all workers under ASHA and Anganwadi schemes.

– **Housing Scheme:**
– New scheme to assist middle-class in rented houses or slums to buy or build homes.
– Positive impact on Steel, Cement, and Building material industries.

– **Sunrise Domains:**
– Corpus of 1 lakh crore with 50-year interest-free loans for sunrise domains.

– **Railway Corridor-Port Connectivity:**
– Over 2 new corridors planned.
– 3 additional rail corridors for Energy, Cement, and Mineral transportation.
– 40,000 rail bogies to be converted to Vande Bharat standards.

– **Capex Target FY25:**
– Set at Rs 11.1 lakh crore, up by 11.1%.
– FY25 capex outlay at 3.4% of GDP.

– **Medical Colleges:**
– Plans to set up more medical colleges using existing hospital infrastructure.
– Committee to be formed for recommendations.

– **Tourist Center Development:**
– States encouraged to develop tourist centers.
– Long-term interest-free loans provided for states.

– **Metro and Namo Bharat Trains:**
– Expansion of metro trains and Namo Bharat trains to more cities.

– **Fiscal Deficit:**
– Revised estimate of fiscal deficit at 5.8% of GDP.
– FY25 budget-deficit target at 5.1% of GDP.

– **Government Borrowing:**
– Net and Gross Government borrowing set at ₹11.75 trillion and ₹14.13 trillion.

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