The Mouse and the Sage

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Once there was a king who was always fighting. One day he was badly wounded in a battle. A sage passed by and touched him, and the king was cured. He wanted to give the sage a reward for saving him, but the sage didn’t want anything.
The king said, “I don’t want to be indebted to you.”
The sage said, “In the future I’ll ask for something. I don’t need anything now, but one day I’ll come.”
Months passed and the sage was praying to God one day for peace, light and bliss, when a desire entered his mind. For the past few months his cow had not been producing milk. “She’s old,” he said. “I’ll ask the king for a new cow.”
He went to see the king and found him in a temple. He was praying for more wealth and more fame.
The sage said to himself, “I won’t ask him for a cow. He’s a beggar like me.” And he turned to leave.
The king stopped him and said, “Sage, you saved my life. Please tell me what you want. I’ll give you anything.”
 The sage said, “I pray to God and meditate. He is all I need. I don’t want to take anything from anyone in need. You told me you took an oath that you would not be indebted to anyone. I, too, have taken an oath. My oath is that if anyone is in need, then I won’t take anything from that person. That’s why I won’t take anything from you. You’re praying to God for material things. You’re begging for God to give you wealth and fame. So how can I ask anything of you? God has shown me that everyone is a beggar. So if I need something, I’ll get it from Him.”

The Mouse and the Sage: A Short Moral Story

The Sage and the Mouse Story in English is about a small mouse being bullied by a cat. He seeks help from a sage and becomes a cat. Eventually, he becomes a tiger with the sage’s boon but mistakenly attacks the sage. What did the mouse do? Why did the sage make him a tiger? What happened to the mouse in the end? Read this interesting Panchatantra story and find the answers to all these questions.

The Mouse and the Saint

Once upon a time, a sage lived in an ashram near a jungle. He used to give excellent life lessons and cure the animals from diseases. He had magical powers to healing powers.

There was a mouse among the animals who loved to listen to the teachings. One day, he was looking for sweet berries for the saint. Suddenly, he was attacked by a cat.

He escaped barely and reached the ashram. He prayed to the sage and told the incident. The sage instantly changed him into a cat. He felt the power and took revenge on the cat that attacked him.

The Cat Became a Wolf

Being a cat, the mouse roamed freely in the jungle, forgetting that there were other bigger animals. One day, he was attacked by a fox. He saved himself and ran back to the sage. He explained everything. The sage understood and felt pity for the cat. He changed him into a wolf.

The mouse became a wolf and had no fear. He started bullying the other smaller animals.

The Wolf became a Tiger

The wolf was one day roaming deep in the jungle fearlessly. A tiger was watching him behind a bush.

The tiger pounced on him and grabbed his leg. The wolf was injured but barely managed to escape.

He ran as fast as he could and reached the ashram. He told everything to the sage. The sage understood the problem. He then converted the wolf into a tiger.

It was the mouse’s day. He became a tiger and ruled the jungle. Even the other tigers feared him.

The Tiger’s Evil Intention

The tiger started to hunt and kill other animals. One day, when he was resting, he thought, what if the sage converts him back to a mouse? He would lose all his powers. What should he do so that this does not happen?

An evil idea came to his mind. He thought of eating the sage to save his power.

The tiger challenged the sage and said, “I am here to eat you. I will obtain your power and become stronger. Then, no other animal or human being can harm me.”

The Outcome of Evil Intention

The sage was unhappy about how the humble mouse turned into a power-drunk tiger. He must teach this mouse in a tiger’s body a lesson.

He cast a spell and turned the tiger back into its original shape, a mouse. The mouse realized what a great mistake he had made. He wanted to eat his savior and forgot that someone who could give powers could also take them back. The sage beat him with a stick and drove him away.

Moral of the Story The Sage and the Mouse

The Sage and The Mouse Story summary teaches us why one should not be drunk with power. One must remain humble and not forget his roots even after a huge success. It also depicts why not disrespect people who have shown mercy and helped in your bad times.

Tips for Parents

Describe how and why the mouse suffered. Explain what bad deeds are with the example of this story. Use pictures to illustrate this story and make it more engaging. Encourage them to read more stories related to such moral lessons.

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