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Gaur Gopal Das is an Indian monk and he is a huge personal brand within the country and a superb corporate coach and motivational speaker. You’ll get a glimpse of his speeches, lectures and a positive attitude through this post.

So in this post we are going to read some motivational, heart touching and inspirational stories from Gaur Gopal Das. I’m very excited, so let’s start.

Story 1- The Tight Hug

Smiling Woman Hugging Another Person

After a seventy-two hours shift at the fire station a firefighter went up to a grocery store to buy some stuff for his home, when a woman came up running to him and give him a tight hug.

Seeing the man uncomfortable she realized that he hadn’t recognized her. She let go of him and with genuine tears of gratitude in her eyes and the most joyous smile on her face, said: “Sir it was you who carried me out of the World Trade Center on September 11th 2001.”

Ladies and gentlemen, you will never know how what you’re doing is touching someone’s life somewhere and is thus helping you live a life of purpose.

Keep doing what you are doing with dedication and commitment and maybe may be, completely unknown to you, someone out there is being benefited.

Story 2- Stop Complaining

Overwhelmed black man discussing problem with female psychologist

The 27 year old lady who was a breast cancer patient was laughing hysterically at the antics of her sweet two-year-old daughter.

A man who knew her and was watching the scene suddenly realized and thought to himself, “There will be we always be reasons to complain. I need to stop complaining about the wrong that’s happening in my life and start celebrating the precious moments of joy”.

Guys being consumed by pain is automatic but being happy is conscious choice, let us choose to smile and celebrate life.

Story 3- Life Achievements

Silhouette of Man Raising His Hands

A man has three sons and two daughters stood around his wife’s hospital bed, as she uttered her last coherent words before she died.

This is what she said: I feel so loved right now. We should have gotten together like this more often.”

You know what one of my dear friends once said in one of his shows- “Professional Achievements are temporary; they come, they go, and they come again.

Personal loss is Permanent Once a loved one is gone they never come back again, now press pause and spend time with the ones you love.

Story 4- A lesson from Lion

Close-up Photo of Lion's Head

We all know that the lion is an extremely powerful, strong and ferocious animal, and we dare not go close to a lion.

But the same lion, with all its strength, power, ferocity and influences as the king of the jungle can be helplessly disturbed and frustrated.

Any guess who can frustrate a lion? A tiny bird! sometimes a bird may come and sit on the back of the lion, scratch it, trickle it or pass on it. And to say nothing of driving away the bird, the lion can not even reach it at times. And even if somehow the lion can reach it, the bird just flies away.

We as human beings have our power in the society that we live in as well. Our comes from money, position, fame, influence, talent, skill but just like the lion has that bird the bird which can disturb him, we have that one bird which can leave us helpless, hopeless hoop less, sleepless, extreme frustrated, and disturbed.

That bird which is our constant our constant companion is our mind. The greatest power in the world is not money or riches, in the world is not money or riches, position or influence.

The greatest power in the world is our ability to take charge of our mind and focus it on and direct it to where we wanted wanted to be and not get directed by the mind.

All mental health issues, depression, pressure, negativity, anxiety, stress, loneliness, worry, come from the inability to deal with the mind.

Spirituality and meditation is that practice which helps us to take charge of the Mind to train it and be empowered to live a life which is peaceful, mindful, and joyful.

Story 5- An Eagle Story

Brown and Black Flying Hawk

On a large tree at top of Mountain there was a nest, cozily accommodating the eggs of an eagle. One day as an earthquake rocked the mountain, one of the eggs rolled down the nest to a chicken farm located in the valley below.

One of the hen in the farm gave her love and warmed to this new guest by nurturing and raising the large egg.

After a couple of weeks, the egg hatched and a beautiful eagle was born, but since the baby eagle was in the middle of chickens, it was now being raised as a chicken as well.

Soon, the eagle believed itself to be nothing more than a chicken. It did what the other chickens did.

It’s scratched in the dirt for seeds, it clucked and crackled, it never flew more than a few feet because that’s what the other chickens did.

The eagle loved its home and family but its spirit was crying for more. After all, it was an eagle not a chicken.

The farmer realizing the predicament of the eagle, decided to help it. The farmer tried to lift the eagle and throw it in the air thinking, it will fly off. But the eagle just fell down to the ground with a thumping sound.

After a few days, the kind of farmer climbed a huge tree taking the eagle along and pushed it from up there, thinking that this would help it fly.

Once again, the eagle just fell to the ground. The wise man had been watching this and decided to intervene.

He came close to the eagle, held its neck and started turning its face towards the sky. Like all the other chickens, the eagle had always only seen things in front of it or had looked down searching for seeds.

It had never looked up towards the sky. It was painful for the eagle, the light was hitting its eyes.

The wise man kept turning the eagle’s head towards the sky, as the eyes of the eagle met with the vast blue sky. Something amazing happened.

A surge of energy flowed through the body of the eagle. It spread its wings and started flapping them.

It felt a power that it had never felt before and right there in front of the wise man, the farmer and all the hen and chickens, the eagle took off, soaring into the heights of the sky.

It was it’s home, the place where it always belonged. The crying soul of the eagle was finally relived and was now smiling. There are so many who have the potential of an eagle within them.

What’s holding them back from flying highWhat’s holding them back from soaring to the heights of success? -The surroundings, whom they’re hanging out with.

Please note, the chickens have an amazing sense of dignity too and they can and they must make the most out of their potential too.

Just that you may be an eagle and being with non-eagles all the time. They make you forget who you are, and what you can do.

But then you find a wise mentor who can see your current unfortunate condition, who can see your unlimited potential, who simply wants you to do well, to fly high, and live for the purpose you were created for.

They try to turn your head towards the sky, meaning they try to align you with your potential. Trust me guys that process of self-discovery can be painful. After all, we have lived in the comfort zone, not looking at our vast inner sky for so long.

But once we do, our wings spread wide, they flap hard and there we go. Take off, to the heights of excellence.

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