Power Of Authenticity: Story of King Chakvena

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There Was A King. His Name Was Chakvena. He Was Very Pious. Whatever Tax The King Used To Collect From The Public, He Used To Spend It Only In The Public Interest And Did Not Do Any Of His Own Work With That Money. Both The King And The Queen Used To Do Farming To Earn Their Livelihood. Whatever Was Produced From That, He Used To Run His Household And Live His Life. Despite Being A King And Queen, They Used To Wear Simple Clothes And Eat Simple Sattvic Food.

One Day There Was A Festival In The City, Then All The Women Of The State Came Wearing Very Nice Clothes And Expensive Jewelry And When They Saw The Queen In Simple Clothes, They Said That You Are Our Mistress And Without Jewelry In Such Simple Clothes. You Must Be In Better Clothes And Ornaments Than Us. This Thing Touched The Soft Heart Of The Queen And When The King Came To Ranivas In The Night, The Queen Told The Whole Thing And Said That Today We Were Insulted A Lot. After Listening To The Whole Thing, The King Said, What Should I Do? I Spend The Money That Comes From The People On Them, Even Then Don’t Worry, I Will Arrange Jewelry For You. You Have Patience

The Next Day The King Called One Of His Men And Told Him To Go To Lankapati Ravana And Tell Him That King Chakravenu Has Demanded Tax From You And Bring Gold From Him. That Person Went To Ravana’s Court And Told His Opinion, On This Ravana Laughed And Said – How Many Foolish People Are Still There. Gods Fill My House With Water And I Will Do It. That Person Said That Now You Will Have To Pay The Tax. If You Give It Yourself Then It Is Fine. Ravana Got Angry And Said How Dare You Say So. Go Away From Here

When Ravana Met Mandodari In The Night, He Told This Story. Mandodari Was Completely A Virtuous Woman. Hearing This, She Was Worried And Asked Whether You Have Done It Or Not? So Ravan Said You Are Mad, I Am Ravan, Don’t You Know My Glory. Will Ravan Do It? On This, Mandodari Said That Maharaj, Please Do It, Otherwise The Result Will Not Be Good. Mandodari Knew The Influence Of King Chakravenu Because She Was A Chaste Woman. Ravana Did Not Agree. When Ravana Got Up In The Morning And Started Going, Mandodari Said That Maharaj, You Stay For A While, I Will Show You A Spectacle. Ravana Stopped. Mandodari Used To Feed The Pigeons On The Roof Every Day. That Day Too, When The Pigeons Started Pecking, She Said That If You All Peck Even A Single Grain, You Will Be Crying For The King Of Ravana, I Swear. This Talk Of The Queen Had No Effect On The Pigeons And They Kept On Pecking At The Grains. Mandodari Told Ravana That She Has Seen Your Effect. Ravana Said, What Kind Of Mad Are You, How Can The Birds Understand What Is The Effect Of Ravana, Then Mandodari Said That It Is Okay, Now I Will Show You, Then She Told The Pigeons That If You Pick Even A Grain, Then It Is The Cry Of King Chakravenu. All The Pigeons Immediately Stopped Pecking At The Grain. When Only One Pigeon Picked The Grain, Its Head Exploded, Because It Was Deaf And Could Not Hear. Ravana Said That This Is Some Magic Of Yours, I Do Not Believe In It. And Saying This He Left From There.


Ravana Went To The Court And Sat On The Throne, Then The Same Person Of King Chakravenu Again Came To The Court And Asked Whether You Thought About My Words In The Night Or Not. You Have To Pay Gold As Tax. Ravana Laughed And Said That How Are You A Man, You Gods Fill Water At Our Place And We Will Do It. Then That Person Said That It Is Okay That You Walk With Us On The Seashore For A While. Ravana Was Not Afraid Of Anyone, So He Said Come And Went With Him. He Reached The Seashore And Made The Shape Of Lanka And Made Doors Like The Four Doors Were In Lanka And Asked Ravana That Lanka Is Like This, Isn’t It? So Ravana Said Yes, Is It Like This? You Are A Great Craftsman. The Man Said That Now You Look Carefully – Maharaj Chakravenu Is Crying.” Saying This He Hit His Hand And Dropped A Door. The Man Said, Do You Do The Tax Or Not? Otherwise, I Will Spread The Whole Of Lanka By Hitting My Hands. Ravana Got Scared And Said, Do Not Make Noise! Take Whatever You Want Quietly And Go Away. Ravana Took That Person And Paid A Lot As Tax. Gave Away All The Gold.

Taking Tax From Ravana, The Man Went To King Chakravenu And Placed All The Gold In Front Of Him. The Queen Asked From Where Did She Get So Much Gold? King Chakvena Said That It Was Received As Tax From Ravana’s Place. The Queen Was Very Surprised That How Did Ravana Pay The Tax? The Queen Called The Man Who Brought The Tax And Asked How To Bring The Tax, Then That Person Told The Whole Story. The Queen Was Shocked After Hearing The Story And Said – 👉 My Real Jewel Is My Husband!! I Don’t Want Another Jewel. The Beauty Of The Ornaments Is Due To The Husband Only. What Is The Beauty Of Jewelry Without A Husband? Those Who Have So Much Influence That Even Ravana Gets Scared. There Can Be No Greater Jewel For Me Than Them. The Queen Told The Man To Go And Return All This Gold To Ravana And Tell Him That Maharaj Chakvena Does Not Accept Your Tax.

Narrative – Man Should Not Be Blind And Should Be Satisfied Only In The Wealth Earned Through The Method Of Truthfulness In A Sattvik Manner. The Mind Should Not Be Encouraged Or Repented By Seeing Others. There Is Great Power In Religion Even Today. Try It!! Sure Peace Will Come.

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