Lord Shiva in Ramayana, A Reflection of Karma

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Rama went for forest dwell for 14 years, without his own mistake. This is what we got from the scriptures. But our scriptures work on the law of Karma. Then why one can get woe without his actions. Might be something shrouded here, on which scriptures did not elucidate overtly.

King Janak put a condition for the marriage of his daughter Sita. The condition was to string the Shiva bow. Various warriors came around the globe to show their valiant and prowess to string the Shiva bow, including Rama, the prince of Ayodhya and Ravana, the king of Lanka. No one even shake the Shiva bow except Rama. Rama not only stringed the Shiva bow but he broke the bow also. We should pay attention here; the condition was to string the Shiva bow not to break. Parashuram became angry on the break of the bow. But somehow Parashuram was pacified. Howsoever, king Janak mesmerized by the vigor and valiant of Rama, and found the suitable mate for his daughter to get her married with Rama. The married couple happily returned to Ayodhya.Rama was the eldest son of king Dashrath, and according to the scriptures, he was entitled to be the next king of Ayodhya. But the circumstances made Dasharath to ask his dear son Rama for 14 years forest dwell to keep one of the conditions of Kaikeyi, one of his three queens. Rama left for forest dwell along with his wife Sita and his younger brother Laxman.
Why this happened with Rama, the deserving king?
Rama broke the Shiva bow. Bow is herald of kingship. The bow works only when the string is not too tight or too loses. Breaking of bow is the broken rule, so not fit for the king. The broken bow was Shiva`s bow. Shiva is ascetic and detached. Rama needed to learn more to be a perfect king. He spent 14 years in forest dwell like an ascetic.  Rama never blamed anyone for his forest dwell. Sita got abducted by Ravana, the king of Lanka. Ravana was an ardent devotee of lord Shiva. Sita became cause to make Shiva bow broken, hence she also suffered. Rama met with Hanuman in Kiskanda on the way to search of Sita. Hanuman is “Rudra Avatar”, the Rudra incarnation of lord Shiva. Hanuman promised Rama to help him to locate Sita. Hanuman became the loyal devotee of Rama. He was used to do almost the same what Rama wants him to do, not more or less. He was the exact process followers set by Rama. Hanuman went towards south to locate Sita. He met with Sita in his short form and met with Ravana with his bigger form. He talked with Ravana as an ambassador of Rama, as Rama had dictated him. But Ravana scoffed his idea to release Sita, and desecrated him. Hanuman took his massive form and incinerated golden Lanka into ashes. First time, Hanuman had taken his volition without consent of Rama and incinerated golden Lanka. Why Hanuman incinerated Lanka? He was so valiant and vigor that he could have killed Ravana and his army alone and could have set Sita free from the talon of Ravana.
The golden Lanka was not made by Ravana. The most beautiful golden Lanka was made for Shiva and Parvati on the adamant of Parvati.  Ravana was the best Pandit at that time; he was invited to do the rituals of “Griha Pravesh” for Lord Shiva and Parvati. And at the time of “Dakshina”, he hoodwinked Shiva and Parvati and asked golden Lanka. Lord Shiva is the biggest bestower. He handed over Lanka to Ravana. Another legend says that the golden Lanka was made by his step brother Kuber. Since Ravana was very powerful, he embezzled Lanka from Kuber. Kuber was also a great devotee of lord Shiva. Wherever something illegitimate happens, lord Shiva opens his third eye and incinerates that into ashes. Hanuman did the same thing with Lanka. In such a way lord Shiva in the form of Hanuman forced Ravana for the detachment as he was the devotee of him. Killing Ravana is none of Hanuman`s business, it was Rama`s business. So he did not kill Ravana. He did not bring Sita along with him as it was not told to him to bring Sita. It was only told him to locate Sita, which he did. Anyway, Rama was not happy with Lanka incineration.
Before stepping in Lanka, Rama established Shiva Linga at Rameshvaram and worshiped Him. During the battle, Aviravan, one of Ravana`s brothers, took Rama and Laxman to his territorial. All were clueless about Rama and Laxman missing.  There again, Hanuman located Rama and Laxman. But at that situation, Rama was not there to suggest or dictate Hanuman to what action to be taken. Hanuman at that point was needed to work on his volition. Aviravan was about to sacrifice Rama and Laxman before Kali. At the same moment, Hanuman appeared and Shoved Kali to subterranean, and killed Aviravan to save Rama and Laxman. Once Kali had stepped in on the chest of lord Shiva to stimulate him, here lord Shiva in the form of Hanuman shoved Kali back.
Rama and his army got victory over Ravana. Till the time 14 years forest dwells also finished. Rama had finished his leanings to be an ideal king. There have been various kings, but only Rama is known as ideal king. Every nation admires “Rama Rajya”.  Rama was so adhere to the rule and the subjects, that for the sake of the subjects, he banished even his wife Sita from his kingdom for whom he fought with Ravana. The king/leader should be for the subjects and the nation like Rama and “Rama Rajya”, only then the king/leader would be worthy of worship.
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