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Once there was a King. One day he was in a very happy mood, so he went to his Minister and said that what is the biggest wish of your life?

The Minister blushed and sat down with his eyes down. The king said, do not panic, tell me your biggest wish. The Minister said to the king that you are the owner of such a big Kingdom and whenever I see this, this desire arises in my heart that if I had one tenth of this Kingdom , then I would have been the most fortunate person in this world. Saying this the Minister fell silent.

The king said that if I give you half of my property then.
The Minister got frightened and looked up and said to the king,

‘Huzoor, how is this possible?

How can I be such a lucky person?

The king issued a decree to prepare the papers of half the Kingdom in the court and at the same time got the Minister’s neck to be separated from the body. Hearing this, the Minister was very frightened. The king looked into the eyes of the Minister and said that you have thirty days, in these thirty days you have to answer my three questions.

If you succeed, half of my wealth will be yours, and if you do not answer my three questions within thirty days, my soldiers will behead you. The Minister became even more upset. The king said, write my three questions, the Minister started writing.

The king said….
1) What are the biggest facts of human life?
2) What is the biggest deception of human life?
3) What is the biggest weakness of human life?

The king finished all the three questions and said that your time starts now. The Minister left the court with his three questions paper and went to every Saint-Mahatma, Sage-Fakirs and started asking the answers of those questions.

But he was not satisfied with anyone’s answers. Days were slowly passing by.
Now his days and nights were passing with those three questions. His clothes had been torn by going to every village, and he had blisters on his feet due to torn soles of his shoes. At last one day left of the condition, the Minister was defeated and he knew that tomorrow he would be beheaded in the court and thinking about it he reached a small village.

There, in a small hut, a Mahatma was sitting in his Asan, and one of his dogs was drinking milk kept in a cup of milk with great fervor with a loud voice with his tongue.

When the Minister peeped inside the hut, he saw that the Mahatma was sitting in his leisure and eating dry bread soaked in water. When the Mahatma’s eyes fell on the torn condition of the Minister Minister , he said to the Minister that you have reached the right place, and I can answer all your three questions.

The Minister was surprised and asked how did you guess who I am and I have three questions?

The Mahatma put the dry bread in the bowl and raised his bed and stood up and said to the Minister , Sahib, now you will understand.

The Mahatma bowed down and saw that his dress was exactly the same as that which the king used to present to that Minister . The Mahatma said to the Minister , I also used to be the Minister of that court and made a mistake by betting on the king. Now the results are in front of you. The Mahatma sat down again and started eating dry roti immersed in water. The vizier started asking the Mahatma with a disappointed heart, were you also unable to answer the king’s questions.

The Mahatma said that no, my case was different from yours. I also answered the king’s questions and after tearing the paper of half the Kingdom there, I started living with my dog ​​in this hut. The Minister was more surprised and asked, can you answer my question? The Mahatma nodded yes and said that I will answer your two questions for free, but for the third question you will have to pay the price.

Now the Mahatma thought that if the Minister did not answer the questions of the king, then the king would get my head separated from the body, so he accepted the condition of the Mahatma without thinking anything.

The Mahatma said the answer to your first question is

“Death”. Death is the biggest reality of human life. Death is immutable and these rich or poor, kings and Mahatma do not see anyone. Death is certain.

Now the answer to your second question is “life”. The biggest deception of human life is life. Human beings fall into its deception by doing lies and bad deeds in life.

Now the Mahatma fell silent. The Minsiter asked the condition as promised by the Mahatma , then the Mahatma told the Minsiter that you will have to drink milk from my dog’s cup. The Minsiter was confused and refused to drink the milk from the dog’s cup. But then, thinking of severing his head as per the condition laid down by the king, without thinking anything, he drank the milk of the dog’s cup in one breath without stopping.

The Mahatma replied that this is the answer to your third question “Necessity”. The biggest weakness of human life is “Necessity”. Even without wanting the need of a person, thunder makes people do things which humans never want to do. like you! You also drank milk from a dog’s cup to avoid your death and to know the answer to the third question. Necessity makes a person do everything.

But now the Minister was very happy because he had got the answers to all three of his questions. The Minister thanked the Mahatma and left for the palace. As soon as the Mahatma reached the door of the palace, he had a hiccup and left his body there. Death took him in its lap. Now let us also consider whether we too have forgotten the truth of life or not? Yes the truth of life

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