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Once upon a time, Shri Krishna and Arjuna were going somewhere.

On the way, Arjun asked Shri Krishna that Lord – I have a curiosity in my mind, if I have permission, then I should ask?

Shri Krishna said – Arjan, you can ask me anything without any hesitation.

Then Arjun said that till date I have not understood that even I do charity a lot, but why everyone calls Karna the biggest donor?

Hearing this question, Shri Krishna smiled and said that today I will surely pacify your curiosity.

Shri Krishna made two nearby hills of gold.

After this he said to Arjuna that O Arjuna, divide these two golden hills among the nearby villages.

Arjuna immediately went to do this work after taking permission from the Lord.

He called all the villagers.

Told them that those people should form a row, now I will distribute gold to you and started distributing gold.

The villagers started cheering Arjuna a lot.

Arjuna went on breaking the gold from the hill and giving it to the villagers.

Arjuna continued to distribute gold for two consecutive days and two nights.

By now he had got arrogance.

The people of the village came back and started queuing again.

Arjuna was very tired after so long.

There was no reduction in the size of the two hills from which Arjuna was plucking gold.

He told Shri Krishna ji that now I will not be able to do this work anymore. I need some rest.

The Lord said that you should rest now and he called Karna.

He told Karna to distribute the gold of these two hills among the villagers.

Karna immediately went to distribute the gold.

He called the villagers and told them – this gold belongs to you people, whoever wants the gold should be taken from here.

Saying this, Karna left from there.

Seeing this, Arjun said that why the idea of ​​doing this did not come to my mind?

Teachings to Arjuna by Shri Krishna

To this Shri Krishna replied that you had become infatuated with Gold

You yourself were deciding how much the villager needed.

You were giving them the same amount of gold by digging it out of the hill.

You had the feeling of being a giver.

Karna on the other hand did not do this. He left from there giving all the gold to the villagers. He did not want anyone to cheer or praise him in front of him. They don’t care what people say behind their backs.

It is a sign of a man who has attained enlightenment.
In this way Shri Krishna answered Arjuna’s question in a beautiful way, Arjuna too had now got the answer to his question.

Expecting thanks or congratulations in return for giving charity is also called a bargain, not a gift.
If we want to donate or help someone, then we should do it without any expectation or hope, so that it is our good work, not our ego.

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