Life Lessons from A Mad Beggar: Must Read

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Why the world dies for the sake of children, just think on this topic.

This is a true story translated from Marathi language to English.

You will get a new perspective towards life. Do take time to read.

Even today, as usual, I was busy with the free health check-up of the beggars sitting outside the campus. Everyone stood in a crowded queue for health check-up and then free medicines.

Suddenly my attention went towards an old man, who was sitting on a stone nearby. Straight nose, curly hair, flushed eyes, plain but clean clothes on the body.

After seeing him for some time I was convinced that he is not a beggar. His right leg was amputated near the ankle, and his crutches were kept close by.

Then I saw that people were giving them something while coming and they used to take it. I thought ! That my guess was wrong, they are elderly beggars.

Out of curiosity, I walked towards him and some people called me: “Don’t go near him, Doctor.That old man is crazy.

But I ignored those voices, I went to them. Thought that, as he was spreading his hand in front of others, he would do the same in front of me, but my guess again missed. He did not extend his hand in front of me.

I said to him: “Baba, do you also have any physical problems?”

When I asked, he got up slowly with the help of his crutches and said: “Good afternoon doctor…… I think I may have some eye problem in my right eye ….”

I was stunned to hear such fine English. Then I saw his eyes. He had a ripe cataract in his eyes. I said: “You have a cataract, Baba, I have to operate.”

The old man said: “Oh, cataract? I had cataract operation in 2014 for my left eye in Ruby Hospital.”

I asked: “Baba, what are you doing here?”

Elderly: “I am here, begging for 2 hours every day, sir”.

Me: “Okay, but why Baba? I think you are very educated.”

The elders laughed and laughed and said: “Educated ?? ”

I said: “You are making fun of me, Baba.”

Baba : ” Oh no doc… Why would I ?… Sorry if I hurt you ! ”

Me: “It is not a matter of HURT, Baba, but I do not understand anything.”

Elderly: “Even after understanding, what will you do, doctor?”

Well “Okay, let’s sit there, or else people will call you crazy.” (And then the elders started laughing)

Nearby was a deserted tapri. We both went and sat there.

” Well Doctor, I am Mechanical Engineer….”— Elder started in English only— ” I, was a senior machine operator in the company.
While teaching a new operator, my leg got stuck in the machine, and this crutch came to my hand. The company took all the cost of the treatment, and later handed over some more money, and made her sit at home. Because who hires the lame bull, sir? ,
“Then I set up a small workshop of my own with that money. Got a nice house. The son is also a mechanical engineer. He took the workshop forward and set up a small company.”

I chuckled, said: “Baba, then how are you here, in this condition?”

Elder: “I…? I’m a victim of luck…”

“The son sold both the company and the house to increase his business. I didn’t even say anything for the son’s progress. Having sold everything, he went to Japan with his wife and children, and we were left here with Japanese dolls. . ”

Saying this Baba started laughing. Even laughing can be so pathetic, I experienced it for the first time.

Then he said: “But Baba, you have so much skill to throw water out where you kick.”

Looking at his amputated leg, the elder said: ” Kick? Where and how should I kick, tell me?”

Hearing Baba’s words, I myself got embarrassed. I felt bad for myself.

Apparently I said: “I mean Baba, even today anyone will give you a job, because you have so many years of experience in your field.”

Elderly: “Yes doctor, and that’s why I work in a workshop. I get salary of Rs.8000.”

I could not understand anything. I said:
“Then how are you here?”

Elderly: “Doctor, after my son’s departure, I rented a tin roofed house in a chawl. My wife and I live there. She has paralysis, can’t even sit up.”
“I do 10 to 5 jobs. I beg here from 5 to 7 in the evening and then go home and cook food for all three.”

Surprised I asked: “Baba, you have just told that you and your wife are in the house. Then why did you say that you cook food for all three?”

Elderly: “Doctor, my mother had passed away in my childhood. I had a best friend, his mother brought me up as soon as her son. Two years ago that best friend of mine passed away due to heart attack. I brought her 92-year-old mother to my house with me since then she also lives with us.

I was stunned. The condition of this Baba himself is also bad. Wife is handicapped. Not even a foot of my own, not even a family member,
The son who was there went away, and he still takes care of his friend’s mother.
How alive are humans?

After some time I asked in a normal voice: “Baba, son brought you on the way, left you to stumble. You don’t get angry at that?”

Elderly: “No no doctor, All that I had earned  belonged to him, he took it. Where is his fault in this?”

“But Baba”— I said “What was the way of taking this good? Took everything. It was a robbery.”

“Now I have understood the reason behind you begging here, Baba. With 8000 rupees of your salary, all three of you are unable to survive, so that’s why you come here.”

Elderly: “No, you are wrong doctor. I can manage everything in 8000 rupees. But my friend’s mother, she has both diabetes and blood pressure. Medicines for both the diseases are going on for her. Just in 8000 rupees. His medicines are not manageable.”
“I sit here for 2 hours but don’t accept anything except money in alms. The medical store person lends me their medicines for a month and whatever money I get here in 2 hours, I go to the medical store every day. I’ll give it.”

I looked at him and thought, this Baba’s own son has left him and he himself is taking care of someone else’s mother.
I tried hard but couldn’t stop myself from filling my eyes.

With a full throat I said again: “Baba, for someone else’s mother, do you come here everyday to beg?”

Elderly: “The other’s? Hey, in my childhood he did a lot for me. Now it’s my turn. I have told both of them that, 5 to 7 I have got one more job.”

I smiled and said: “And if they find out that, 5 to 7 you beg here, then what?”

Elderly: “Hey how will you know? Both are on the bed. Without my help, they can’t even turn their sides. Where will they come here to find out…. Ha…ha…ha…”

I also laughed at Baba’s words. But I hid him and said: “Baba, it will be fine if I give regular medicines to your mother on my behalf. Then you will not even have to beg.”

Elderly: “No doctor, you work for beggars. If you give medicines for your mother, you will also be called a beggar. I am a doctor now, I am his son. If someone calls me a beggar, it will work, but I have to call him a beggar. Not approved.”
“Ok Doctor, now I’ll go. I have to cook food after reaching home.”

As a request, I took Baba’s hand in my hand and said: “Baba, accept the medicines for my grandmother, not as a beggar’s doctor, but as your son.”

After releasing his hand, Baba said: “Doctor, don’t tie me in this relationship now, please, one has gone, leaving us….”
“Today, by showing me a dream, tomorrow you also left me? I no longer have the strength to bear it…”

Saying this Baba took his crutches. And started leaving, and on the way, he put one hand on my head and filled it, said in a loving voice: “Take care of yourself my child…”

In words, he had rejected the relationship offered by me, but the warm touch of his hand on my head told me that he had accepted the relationship with his heart.

As soon as the man who was called a madman turned his back, my hands were automatically joined for him in the posture of obeisance.

 even more sad than us, in more adversity  there are people who live like this.*
May be we see them our sorrows seem less, and our perspective of looking at the world changes….

Always think well, face the situation…


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