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One day an elderly postman knocking on the door of a house said… “Take the letter.”

As soon as I heard the voice, a girl’s voice echoed from inside…” I am coming now… wait.”

But when no one came for about five minutes then the postman said again.. “Hey brother! Is there anyone, take your letter… I have to go to many more places.. I can’t wait long…. ”

The girl’s voice came again…” Postman uncle, if you are in a hurry, put the letter inside from under the door, I am coming, it will take some more time.

Now the old postman said with a chuckle, “No, I am standing, it is a registered letter, someone’s signature is also needed.”

After about ten minutes the door opened.

The postman was very angry for this delay, now he was about to shout at that girl but, as soon as the door opened, he was shocked and his eyes were wide open. All his anger was extinguished in a moment.

In front of him stood a little handicapped girl who had no legs.

The girl very innocently extended her hand towards the postman and said… give my letter….

The postman quietly left the place by giving the post and taking his signature.

The handicapped girl often lived alone in her house. His mother was not in this world and father used to come and go somewhere in connection with the job.

To take care of that girl, a maid used to stay in the house with her in the morning and evening but due to the circumstances she used to stay all alone in her house during the day.

Time ran out.

In a month or two months, whenever a mail came for that girl, the postman would give a voice and until the girl came to the door, the postman would stand at the door leisurely.

Gradually, the interaction and emotional attachment grew between the days.

One day the girl looked at the postman very carefully and found that the postman did not have shoes on his feet. He always used to come barefoot to deliver the mail.

The rainy season has come.

Then one day when the postman left after mailing, then the girl, where the footprints of the postman were made in the wet soil, put a paper on them and took down the picture of those feet.

The next day, he got the shoes of that size from his working maid and kept them in the house.

Before Diwali was about to come, the postman asked all the people of the locality for the festival gift.

But about the little girl, he thought that if I have come in the street to ask for a gift from the girl, then I should meet her.

Simultaneously, the postman also started thinking that it would not be right to meet the little girl empty-handed during the festival. After much thought, he took chocolates worth five rupees for the girl.

After that he knocked on the door of the girl’s house.

A voice came from inside…” Who?

” Gudiya I am… your postman uncle”.. Got the answer.

When the girl came and opened the door, the old postman handed her the chocolate and said.” Take the daughter from her poor uncle’s side.

The girl became very happy and asked the postman to wait there for some time.

After that he brought a big box from one room of his house and handing it to the postman said, “Uncle… this is a gift from my side to you on Diwali.

The postman was very surprised to see the box. He could not understand what to say.

After thinking for a while she said, “You are like a daughter to me, how can I get any gift from you, daughter queen?

“The girl urged him that “uncle don’t refuse my gift, otherwise I will be sad”.

Saying “Okay, the old postman took the packet and lovingly put his hand on the girl’s head as if blessing her.

The girl said, “Uncle, take this packet to your house and open it.

When the postman opened the packet after going home, he was surprised, because there was a pair of shoes in it. His eyes twinkled.

The postman couldn’t believe that a little girl could be so concerned about him.

The next day the postman reached his post office and pleaded with the postmaster that he should be immediately transferred to another area.

When the postmaster asked the reason, the postman put the shoes on the table and narrated the whole story and said with wet eyes and a teary throat, “Sir..after today I will not be able to go to that street. That little handicapped girl bare me.” Shoes were given to his feet, but how would I be able to give him feet?

Saying this the postman burst into tears.

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