Present Moment Is Ours

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The war of Mahabharata was over. Maharaj Yudhishthira had become the king. With the help of his four younger brothers, he was running the government, all the five brothers used to work together for the betterment of the subjects. Whoever would come with a low-pitched complaint, he would be helped in every way.

One day Yudhishthira was talking to a minister sitting in the Raj Bhavan. Deep thought was going on some problem. Then a brahmin reached there. Some wicked had persecuted that brahmin. They snatched the Brahmin’s cow from him. That Brahmin had come to Maharaj Yudhishthira with a complaint. Maharaj Yudhishthira could not listen to that Brahmin because he was busy in conversation with the minister. He asked the Brahmin to wait outside. The Brahmin stopped outside the Mantrana Bhavan and waited for Maharaja Yudhishthira.

After finishing the conversation with the minister, Maharaj wanted to call the Brahmin inside, but then the messenger of another country reached there. Maharaj again got entangled in the conversation. In this way, Maharaj Yudhishthira talked to many great people one after the other. In the end, when Maharaj came out of the building after clearing everyone, he found the Brahmin waiting. Being very tired, Maharaja Yudhishthira said to the Brahmin, “Now I am very tired. You will come tomorrow morning. All possible help will be given to you.” Saying this the Maharaja proceeded towards his resting house.

The brahmin was very disappointed with the behavior of Maharaja Yudhishthira. He started returning to his house with a sad heart. He had just turned when he met Maharaj Yudhishthira’s younger brother Bhima. Bhima asked the Brahmin the reason for his trouble. The brahmin told the whole thing to Bhima. At the same time, he also told that Maharaj has asked him to come the next day.

Bhima was very sad after listening to the Brahmin. He was also very disappointed with the behavior of Maharaja Yudhishthira. He thought to himself and then went to the gatekeeper and ordered, “Tell the soldiers to play the drums to be played on the occasion of victory,” the order was obeyed. The soldiers stationed at all the gates started playing the drums to be played on the occasion of victory. Maharaj Yudhishthira also heard the sound of drums. They were very surprised. He came out of his rest room to find out why the drums were being played.

As soon as he left the room, he encountered Bhima. He asked Bhima, “Why are the drums being played on the occasion of victory? Have our armies conquered an enemy?”

Bhima humbly replied, “Sir, our armies have not conquered any enemy.”

“Then why are these drums ringing? The Maharaj asked in surprise.

“Because it has come to know that Maharaja Yudhishthira has conquered Kaal.” Bhima replied.

Maharaj’s astonishment increased further after listening to Bhima. He asked again, “I have conquered Kaal. What do you want to say after all?

Looking into the eyes of Maharaj, Bhima said, “Your Majesty, just a while back you had asked a Brahmin that he should meet you tomorrow. It is clear from this that you know that you cannot die today, nothing can harm you today. After hearing this, I thought that I must have conquered my time, otherwise you would not have asked that brahmin to meet you tomorrow. Thinking of this, I ordered the drums to be played on the occasion of victory.

Maharaj Yudhishthira’s eyes opened on hearing the words of Bhima. He had realized his mistake. Then he saw a Brahmin standing behind him. After listening to him, he immediately made necessary arrangements for his help.

Friends, we have a very bad habit of postponing work. Due to this habit of ours, sometimes we spoil the works that we have made, due to which we suffer a great loss and sometimes we keep on reaching our destination.

The work that we have to do today will be of equal importance tomorrow, it cannot be said. Circumstances keep changing from moment to moment and according to them the backward works have no importance.

It is possible that as soon as we come in front of a task today, we should do it with fresh enthusiasm, but by postponing it tomorrow, interest towards that work may also decrease and thus that work can be postponed forever.

The person who gets this disease of procrastination is not able to do many things in his life. Rather, all his works remain unfinished. Although such people seem to be busy all the time, yet they are not able to complete their work.

The burden of work is on their heads and they try to push the works out of fear of it.

A person with the habit of avoidance can also be a victim of circumstances. Work has to be postponed due to poor health, weakness of mind, financial or other kind of anxiety etc.

So as far as possible, never leave today’s work for tomorrow because the present moment is ours.

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