Successful Speculation in Stock Market Astrological Combinations

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Out of thousands of speculators involved in the markets a very small percentage of them is successful.Some people seem to have the natural talent for speculation and mint money everyday easily. Several others seem to struggle and loose money consistently and in the long run loose their shirt and pant.Speculation is a mind game and cosmic powers do influence our thoughts and actions.So what is this so called luck or X factor ??

Let us examine.

From a stock market speculator’s point of view ( speculator not an investor…mind it !!) , three houses are important 5, 9 & 11. The 5th house stands for speculative gains in our context. 9th house is the Bhagya sthan…Lady luck and 11th house, the Labh sthan or the house of gains/connections.If the lords of these houses are well will be a highly successful speculator.

The placement of Rahu is also important for stock market players.People with exalted Rahu takes to the stock markets as the duck takes to water.Rahu also rules over speculation/gambling…so without Rahu’s blessings the journey in the stock markets will be bumpy.The position of Jupiter in the chart is also important.Jupiter is the planet of finance. The transit of Jupiter through the 9th, 10th and 11th houses…especially 11th gives ample profits.

The position of Ketu is also a vital factor.Ketu in 11th house is also another potent profitable position.It is also important that speculation should be controlled during unfavourable transits and especially during Sade- Sati ( unless your Rashi is Capricorn or Libra) .Even if the relevent planets are well placed in the main chart speculation should be minimized during Sade Sati or during the 8th house transit of Jupiter !!

Speculation mere deals with the lords of 2nd, 5th 9th and 11th houses. majorly the house of luck, the 9th house should be good for one. 2nd for money income, 11 for gain of money, again 5th for your mind that works in the speculating.

If you have any of the 2 lords or more conjunct in any of the above houses or if they interchange their houses, then you will have the successful speculation career that too depends upon the strength of the planets and the houses.

It is good to consider also the 8th house and its lord as this house deals with the money from others or unearned money.

Combination for losses:

  • If the moon is heavily afflicted in a person’s horoscope it indicates a person being fickle-minded, such people should refrain from the stock market and taking risks.
  • Sun-Rahu placed in the 1st/5th /9th house and not aspected by Jupiter can lead to losses.
  • Lord of 5th/9th /11th house placed in 12th house of a horoscope indicates losses
  • Retrograde planet of 6th /11th house placed in 12 th signifies losses
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