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That day at eight o’clock in the morning I left my city to go to another city. I reached the railway station, but due to late arrival my train had left. I had no choice but to take the afternoon train. I thought I should have breakfast somewhere.

I was very hungry. I was on my way to the hotel. Suddenly on the way I saw two children sitting on the sidewalk. Both must have been around 10-12 years old..The condition of the children was very bad.

The bone cages were clearly visible due to weakness. He seemed hungry. The younger child was telling the elder about food and the elder was trying to silence him. I stopped suddenly. In the running life, the feet stopped.

Seeing miserable life of children  filled my heart. Thought they should be given some money. I give them ten rupees. I went ahead and immediately a thought came to my mind, how miserly I am! ten rupees What will you get?

Can’t even get tea! Feeling ashamed of himself then came back. I told the children – will you eat something?

The kids were a little confused! Yes . I said son! I’m going to have breakfast, so do you!

They both agreed because of hunger. They followed me to the hotel. The hotelier scolded her for getting her clothes dirty and started running away.

I said brother! Give them whatever food they want, I will give the money. The hotelier looked at me in surprise..! The shame for his behavior was clearly visible in his eyes.

Children asked for breakfast sweets and lassi. Due to self service, I gave breakfast to the children. When the children started eating, the happiness on their faces was strange. I also felt a strange self-satisfaction. I told the children son! Now in the money that I have given you, Rs. Take a bath near the hand pump after taking shampoo.

And then eat lunch and dinner in the langar running in the nearby temple. I paid for breakfast and then proceeded towards my running routine.

The people around there were watching with great respect. The words of the hotelier had changed into respect. I went towards the station, feeling a bit heavy. My mind was getting sad thinking about them.

On the way came the temple. I looked towards the temple and said – Oh my God! Where are you ? This is the condition of these children!

The very next moment a thought came to my mind, who was the one who was giving them breakfast till now? Do you think you did all that with your own thinking? I was shocked! All my questions are over.

It felt like I was talking to God! I understood that we are just instruments. He knows his activities, that’s why he is great!

God sends us to help someone only when he considers us worthy of that work. This is his inspiration. Refusing any help is the same as refusing the work of God.

Seeing God in yourself is meditation! To see God in others is love! To see God in all and Good in everyone is knowledge.

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