The Precious Gem

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Brijmohan ji was spending his retired life with his wife very happily. His three sons were married and  living with their respective families in different cities of India.

They had made rules,be it Diwali or any other festival, the three sons and their family would come, would live together, eat, spend time have fun for a whole week.

The One Week used to be lot of Fun and whole family used to  to jump with joy nad have a great time. Even though they lived separately,that one week will have lot of good experiences and happiness. The life of Brijmohan ji and Sudha was pleasant with support of the whole family.

One fine morning suddenly Sudha ji had a heart attack one night and left to heavenly abode. In one stroke all her happiness was shattered and all family members were incosolable.

The three sons came running after receiving the sad news after all their rituals, they all gathered in the evening.The elder daughter-in-law raised the matter. Babuji Please Come and Stay with us, Please do not stay alone, We will take good care of you.

He silenced her with a gesture of his hand and told

“Children now your mother’s mother has left all of us she has some thing which i want to share with you.

Brijmohan ji brought out something from the cupboard and told Your Mother was very  much attached to these two things.
There was a very beautiful Gold Ring there was an old wristwatch with a very beautiful gold strap everyone was glancing at beautiful things.

The younger son said in enthusiasm,Hey this watch this was what Amma wanted to give to Sarita and asked father Can i take this.

Brijmohanji said softly Yes My Son please take it for Sarita.

Everyone started looking at each other’s face then the middle son said with great hesitation,Papa Amma wanted to give to Meera Gold Ring and asked father Can i take this.

Brijmohanji said softly Yes My Son please take it for Meera .

But there was a problem there were only 2 Gifts and 3 Daughter in Law

Brijmohan ji was thinking in my mind what should I give to elder daughter-in-law…

Maybe She has read his thoughts and Told Babuji you are probably thinking about me.You donate this Gold Ring to Meera and gave the wristwatch to Sarita as per Amma wishes. That’s what I wanted…

But Nandini…..what to give to you… not understand….after all you are also my daughter-in-law, my daughter….

Babuji… have another priceless gem…and that Ammaji only wanted to give it to me…

Like Brijmohan ji, both the sons, the daughter-in-law also started looking at the elder daughter-in-law in surprise.
…which box will open now…
And what is that priceless gem that the elder sister-in-law wants to get that precious gem except silver adornment and a gold-leaf wristwatch?
…..Surely very precious…..or will it be priceless…..
Oh God, maybe we have made haste thoght the other 2 daughetr in laws, Sensing everyone’s surprise and trouble, Nandini, the elder daughter-in-law, smiled and said….
That most precious gem is you yourself, Babuji….
Last time Ammaji told me…Babuji’s care after me is your responsibility…just now you follow his wish and walk with us….Brijmohan ji’s eyes drenched with joy and gratitude.. …

Friends, the most precious in life are our parents, our elders, their blessings, their experience, their advice, their shadow is no less than a precious gem, a precious heritage….!!

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