Vision of Heaven

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Laxminarayan was a very naive boy. He used to ask his grandmother to tell a story every night before going to sleep. Grandmother used to tell him the story of Nagalok, Patal Lok, Chandra Lok, Surya Lok, etc. One day the grandmother told him the description of heaven. The description of heaven was so beautiful! Hearing that, Laxminarayan started insisting to see heaven.

Grandmother explained to him a lot that man cannot see heaven; But Laxminarayan started crying and he fell asleep as soon as he wept. He saw in the dream that a brightly shining deity was standing near him and saying – Laxminarayan  There is a price to pay to see heaven. If you go to see the circus, you give tickets, don’t you? You will have to pay money in the same way to see heaven.

In the dream itself, Laxminarayan started thinking that I will ask grandmother for money. But the deity said – “Your money does not work in heaven. Here money runs for good and virtuous deeds You keep this box with you, when you do a good deed, a rupee will come in it and when you do a bad deed, a rupee will fly out of it. When this box is full, you will be able to see heaven.”

When Laxminarayan wake up from his sleep, he actually saw a box at his head. He was very happy with the box. That day the grandmother gave him a penny. He left the house with the money. A sick beggar started asking him for money. Laxminarayan wanted to run away without giving money to the beggar. Then he saw his teacher coming from the front. His teachers praised generous boys very much. Seeing them, Lakshmi Narayan gave money to the beggar. The teacher turned his back and praised him.

Returning home, Lakshmi Narayan opened the box; But it was lying vacant. Laxminarayan was very sad because of this, he fell asleep crying. The same deity appeared to him again in the dream and said – “You had given money to get praise from the teacher. So got praise. Why are you crying now?

“A good deed that is done with the expectation of some profit. That’s business. “

On the second day, Laxminarayan was given two annas by his grandmother. With the money he went to the market and bought two oranges. His friend Motilal was ill. While returning from the market, he went to see his friend at her house. Doctor had come to see Motilal at his house. Doctor gave medicine and told Motilal’s mother to give it orange juice today. Motilal’s mother was very poor. She started crying and said, I am getting stomach after working as a laborer. At this time due to the illness of the son, he could not go to work for many days. I don’t have a penny to buy oranges.

Laxminarayan gave both his oranges to Motilal’s mother. She started blessing Laxminarayan. When Laxminarayan opened his box after coming home, two rupees were shining in it.

One day Lakshmi Narayan was engaged in sports. Her younger sister came there and started picking up her toys. Laxminarayan stopped him; When she did not agree, he beat her. The poor girl started crying. This time when he opened the box, he saw that many of the rupees he had collected before were blown away. He felt great remorse. From now on he made a firm determination not to do any bad deed.

Laxminarayan earlier used to do good work out of greed for money. Gradually, it became his nature to do good deeds; While doing good work, his box was filled with money. He was pleased with the hope of seeing heaven. With that box, he reached his garden.
Laxminarayan saw him sitting under a tree in the garden. An old monk is crying. He ran to the monk and said – ” Baba! Why are you crying?”

The sage said – “Son! Like the box is in your hand. I had one such box. After working hard for many days, I filled it with money. There was great hope that with his money I would see heaven; But today while bathing in the Ganges, that box fell into the water.

Laxminarayan said – “Baba! Don’t you cry, my box is full too! You take it.”

The monk said – “You have filled it with great effort! It would hurt to give it to you.”

Laxminarayan said – “I will not be sad, Baba! I’m a boy I don’t know how many days to live I can collect many such boxes of rupees. You have grown old You will no longer be able to fill in the second box address or not! Take my box.”

The monk took the box and put his hand on the eyes of Lakshmi Narayan. Laxminarayan’s eyes closed. He began to see heaven; Such a beautiful heaven’s grandmother had described heaven. That description was not a proper description of even a corner of heaven.

When Lakshmi Narayan opened his eyes, the same deity who appeared in the dream instead of the sage was standing directly in front of him. The deity said – “Son! Those who do good deeds, heaven becomes their home. If you keep doing good in life like this, you will reach heaven in the end.”

Having said this, the deity became invisible.

Friends, as a man acts, so does the nature of one who does bad deeds, his nature becomes bad. He takes pleasure in doing bad things again. He who does good deeds, his nature becomes good. He also feels bad about doing bad things..!!’

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