Humility is a good virtue – ‘A short story’

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Humility is a virtue, it is good for everyone, especially for the rich and powerful people. A person with humility doesn’t fear anyone.

Gandhiji said “The humble man is unconquerable” So, we must all practice humility in our daily life. This may help us in many ways. As Jesus Christ said, “The meek shall inherit the earth.”

Now let us read a story about the power of humility in a person. Once upon a time, there lived a sage. He spent long years in penance and meditation in order to acquire great power. One day he was sitting in meditation under a tree. Just then, a crane came and sat on the tree. It droppings on the sage. The sage was annoyed. He looked hard at the bird in anger. Lo and behold! The bird was burnt to ashes in no time. The sage was overjoyed. He had achieved the purpose of his penance. Now he had the power of life and death over other living beings. Everyone should do what he wanted. It was a great power, no doubt.


The sage came out of the forest. He was hungry. He looked around. There was a hut nearby. He stood before the hut and called. No one came out. The sage waited impatiently. At last the lady came out. She begged forgiveness of the sage for the delay. Then he offered him food. The sage lost his temper and gave the lady an angry look. He wished her dead for keeping him waiting. But nothing happened. The lady calmly observed, ” I am not a bird to burnt ashes by your anger. Such anger cannot be called wisdom. Do you know why your power had no effect on me? When you called, I was attending on my husband. My first duty is attending my husband. Your power can do no harm to me when I am doing this duty.”

The sage realised his mistake. His penance had not made him wise. They only made him proud and arrogant. He learned a useful lesson, the lesson of humility from the lady. He blessed the lady and left the place.

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