Ghost & Young Man

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Compiled by -Gandhar Mandlik (Rishi Dharmachandra)

Once upon a time there was a large, old mansion which was rumored to be haunted.  The family of the house had had generation upon generation of trouble and many dark happenings were said to have befallen them. Many family members had also died in the house and strange things happened throughout the rooms and corridors at night.

At the time of this story, the only family members still living in the house were a woman and her young son.  The woman was quite afraid to still be living in the family home but the family fortune was long exhausted and the house was one of the only assets that still remained.  Unable to move out, and less concerned about herself, the mother was very worried that something terrible might happen to her young son.

And so, everyday she made an offering to the ghost of the house asking that her son be spared any harm. The son was really too young to understand his mother’s concerns. But the son was sure it was all in her mind.

In few years time, the son had grown in to a very spiritual person and was blessed by the guidance of a guru.  He had a growing knowledge of various yoga techniques and was himself growing in his own personal practices.

Finally, one day, he became fed up with all the efforts and offerings that his mother was wasting on this ghost.  Despite her pleas to just let her leave her offering in peace, the son decided it was time to intervene. So one night, no food was left for the ghost and the son decided to face the spirit himself. At exactly twelve midnight the young man loudly summoned the ghost.  Within a few seconds the spirit appeared before him looking fairly disgruntled at being bothered by a human.  The son began with his questioning, “Are you the one who’s been receiving my mother’s offerings?  Is it you who causes trouble in this house?” he demanded.

The ghost replied, “Yes. It’s me and if you’re not careful, I’ll be here to trouble you as well.”  “Hmm,” continued the young man, looking the spirit up and down, “I must say, you’re a lot more powerful than I expected.  But I can also see you’ve got a straight forward side as well.  You must be a very talented ghost as well.” As the young man’s flattery continued, the ghost couldn’t help but indulge himself a bit.  It didn’t take long before the ghost began going on about all his various powers, his connections with powerful forces and even with God himself.

The son listened contently, until finally he stopped to ask.  “Wow,” he said, “You really are the most powerful spirit I’ve ever encountered.  I wonder if I could ask you to help me with one request.” The ghost, who was now feeling a little more friendly nodded and the son continued.  “Since you are so connected and can even get an audience with God, why don’t you go and tell him that I want to die now.  Things haven’t been working out the way I’d planned and I figure I’ll be less trouble to my mother and others if I were just to die right now.  I’m sure with your status, you’ll be able to arrange it not problem.”

The ghost, eager to flaunt his skills disappeared on his mission and left the boy standing in the dark house waiting.  Some minutes passed and when the ghost returned he announced, “Nope. Can’t be done.  Your destiny cannot be changed and you’re slated to die at the age of 62. Nothin’ anyone can do before that time.”

“Are you sure?” asked the son.  “No doubt about it,” replied the ghost.  “I’m mean, you’re absolutely sure there’s nothing even you can do about my destiny,” repeated the son.  Annoyed that the guy was still bothering him the ghost repeated again, “No. Nothing.”

“Well then,” said the son a smile growing on his lips, “if my destiny can not be changed, then why on Earth should I ever be scared of you.”  That moment marked the beginning of the end of the ghost’s reign over the household which he’d been haunting for so long.  The son began a series of mantra and fire rituals to drive the spirit away and before long he was packing his bags looking for a new location.  From that day forward, no offering were left out in the house which became and increasingly calm and peaceful place.

Truely speaking the Ghost is the mental experience and very subjective, if a person has a strong will and great faith, this mental experience can be avoided, this is the path of Yoga where you become so strong that no negative thought or experience bothers you.

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