Quotes for Traders

By | September 10, 2014 4:48 pm
  • Poor trading practice, poor execution, poor risk management and poor trade management, is responsible for much emotional distress. Trading affects our psychology as much as psychology affects our trading.
  • Identify your greatest fears and face them as directly as possible, so that you find out they are not as powerful as they seemed.
  • We are all afraid of things and this is a good solution to over coming our fears, because our fears are never as bad as they seem. We make them out to be horrible, but when we finally face our fears we discover that they aren’t so bad.
  • Getting rid of our fears one by one, will make us a stronger people and will allow us to strengthen others.
  • Thinking positively or negatively about performance outcomes will interfere with process of performing. When you focus on the doing, the outcomes take care of themselves.

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