Commodity Trading:Gold Silver and Crude Trading Levels

By | April 19, 2013 12:56 pm

Gold 4 Hour Chart


As per 4 Hour  charts gold took support at 50% retracement at 1325 and bounced back. Gold is unable to cross the 34 Hour EMA@1424 and has pulled back again. Till 1427 is not broken gold will remain as Sell on rise structure.Intraday players can use the below mentioned levels.

Buy above 1427 Tgt 1436,1445 and 1454 SL 1420

Sell below 1405 Tgt 1395,1384 and 1372 SL 1410

Level mentioned are Spot levels.


Silver 4 Hour Chart


Silver as per 4 hour chart has been trading in the 3 and 4 channel of fibo channel in past 2 days and today broke above that level. Trend is Sell on rise till 23.949 is not broken.

Buy above 24 Tgt 24.30,24.73 and 25 SL 23.94

Sell below 23.45 Tgt 23.09,22.6 and 22.22 SL 23.94

Levels mentioned are Silver Spot


Crude 4 Hour Chart


Crude has been on a declining trend, but crude in morning session has been able to close and sustain above 21 EMA , Also ADX is giving positive crossover.

Buy above 89.2 Tgt 89.4,89.8 and 90.2 SL 89

Sell below 88 Tgt 87.2,86.63 and 86.44 SL 88.5

Levels mentioned are Crude Spot

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