Swing Trading Stock:Asian Paints, LT and Rel Infra

By | January 24, 2013 8:11 am

Larsen and Tubro


LT will be coming out with its results today.Stock has formed a DOJI pattern yesterday with support coming at long term support trendline at 1545, but on flip side stock is trading below its important moving average. Today result will give the jury out on further moves of the stock.

Buy above 1570 Tgt 1578,1585 and 1596 SL 1561

Sell below 1558 Tgt 1545,1534 and 1521 SL Sl 1569


Reliance Infra

Rel Infra

Rel Infra trading in a perfect channel breached the channel yesterday but quickly recovered and closed within the channel.

Buy above 535 Tgt 541,547 and 554 SL 532

Sell below 532 Tgt 527,523 and 520 Sl 535


Asian Paint

Asian Paints

Asian Paints came up with a good set of numbers,stock flared up but was unable to cross the 4500 levels which is a strong supply zone. Unable to cross 4500 pullback to lower end of range should be expected.

Buy above 4450 Tgt 4470,4484 and 4500 Sl 4440

Sell below 4430 Tgt 4405,4380 and 4365 SL 4450


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    1. Bramesh Post author

      Dear Joseph,

      Crompton is trading in small range of 101-133 … So buy near 100 and seel near 125-30 is trade in crompton



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