Trader’s Resolutions for the New Year-2013

By | January 1, 2013 2:20 pm

With the advent of 2013 we all make resolution so lets discuses Trader’s Resolutions for 2013

Trader should DARE the Mr Market for 2013. Let me explain it in more details:







We all need to be disciplined along with using good money and risk management skills, yet too much of anything can cause problems.

Sometimes we put so much attention on caution to ensure that we only make good trades that we reduce our actions to the point that we miss so many strong trading opportunities.

Every time we begin our trading sessions, we need to communicate to ourselves that we will be confident, prepared and most importantly… committed to executing trades when our analysis shows that a good trade is in front of us.

Never allow the market, the news, your friends, your past trading session or anything else send you a false signal that causes you to sit back and do nothing when you can easily see from your training that you should execute a trade right now.

Discipline is the most vital characteristic a trader needs to develop to be successful, It looks simple to say follow your system but the hardest part to implement. It requires lot of practices and self motivation.Of course, sticking to your plan is anything but easy, which is where discipline comes into play. Just do what we know needs to be done.

Two things which will come in my list are the same old cliches

  1. Cut Losses asap: Do everything to keep losses small.
  2. Let profits run: Don’t fall prey to the fear of a small profit slipping away.

Losing trades are inevitable, because nobody gets it right all the time. It’s important to take the loss before it grows and does serious damage to our accounts. This requires discipline.

Profitable trades are equally inevitable because nobody gets it wrong all the time either. Here, it’s important to let those profits run, rather than grabbing them at the first hint of a price pullback out of fear that our profits will slip away. This also requires discipline.








“I will think less, I will analyze less, I will do less in all aspects of my trading; I will aim to keep it simple”

Keep it Simple should be your motto!! Think Less Analyze Less and do less trading. This should include removing excessive indicators which will cloud your judgment. Listing to many analyst which leave you utterly confused , Stick to your trading system which is thoroughly back tested and do not complicate your trading set up. Price Action Based trading set up and SAR based trading methodology molds perfectly.

Think of Sachin Tendulkar Do he hit 4 or sixes in each and every ball… Not possible similarly when market does not want to give you money when no profitable trade set up is visible avoid trading.


Over leverage lead to excessive risk and which ultimately leads to disaster in trading account. If you want to Get Rich quick you are at wrong place.Stock market is perfect place to get poor quickly.

Fear and greed are two emotions that affect our trading decisions. Unfortunately, they generally lead us to make the wrong decision at the wrong time. While life wouldn’t be much fun without emotions, fear and greed can be hazardous to your trading.

As you look back at losing trades in 2012, identify which emotion (greed or fear) drove your decisions to enter and exit the trade. This will not be easy, nor will it be enjoyable. Yet, it may you help you be a better trader going forward.

As we identify how our emotions have affected previous decisions, we can better recognize when we might fall prey to fear and greed in the future.


Education is the key to success in any field of life. I have seen traders who lost lakhs of rupees due to ignorance in trading but never invested in educating themselves. Educate yourself ,Learn the tricks the professional traders uses and learn trading system and then start trading with full fledged vigor. Any Sportsman you follow will take prior training before playing, so if you think you can make money just by sitting in front of trading terminal and trading based on emotions you will lose a fortune. Learn and Earn should be the motto. We do offer Trading Course.(Click on Link to know more)

Before I sign off today, let me just say it’s been a pleasure writing these articles for all my followers this past year and I sincerely hope I have helped many of you. I look forward to helping you guys even more in 2013 and I’ve got some exciting things planned for my trading course students and readers alike.

May 2013 be your best and most profitable year ever. Until then good luck and good trading!

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6 thoughts on “Trader’s Resolutions for the New Year-2013

  1. kishore babu

    A very good and simple writing on how not only a beginner but a day trader/investor to read and to keep in mind always.

  2. vips

    Yes Bramesh,

    All your articles have helped a lot in thousand of ways. You keep us updated on daily basis, weekly basis and that too for all 240 days of trading.

    As one of your student from early November 2011 , I would really like to know your plans for your old clients for 2013. I am really looking forward to know and get in touch with you once again for a small refreshing course/session or anything:)

    Dilse Thanks

    1. Bramesh Post author

      Hello Vips,

      Wishing you a Happy Prosperous and Profitable new year !! I will unveil the plans soon..



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