Stock Trading Information:Adani Ent,Rel Cap and Tata Motors DVR

By | December 26, 2012 8:05 am

Market (Read boss) is always right, no matter how illogical he/she may sound. Never fight with the market. The price on the screen should be the guide, and not the price in your mind. Always have healthy respect for the market and never keep your focus away from the goal – TRADE WELL.

Markets can do crazy things at times and the only self defense a trader can employ – Discipline. Remember, it is the discipline and passion for markets that keeps trader in the market for long run. The moment you lose discipline or passion for markets – you are done.

Adani Enterprises

Adani Ent

Adani had a spectacular rally till 296 and Fall down heavily on Gujarat election day and we cautioned readers for a fall, Stock took support at risisng trendline and holding the same bounce back can be expected.

Buy above 277 Tgt 279,284 and 288

Sell below 272 Tgt 268,265 and 260


Tata Motors DVR

Telco DVR

Telco DVR has made multiple tops 174-176 range and formation of Bullish engulfing candle on Friday giving an indication its on verge of breakout. Price conformation is always required before jumping into the trade.

Buy above 176 Tgt 178,180 and 182

Sell below 172 Tgt 170,168 and 165


Reliance Capital

Rel Capital

Reliance Capital gave a breakout above 460 and made a high of 492,pulled back again to its breakout levels of 460 and bounced back.

Buy above 476 Tgt 480,486 and 492

Sell below 469 Tgt 463,458 and 452

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