Technical Calls: IDFC,DLF and PFC

By | October 17, 2012 7:56 am

While trading is a game of math, probabilities, charts, and earnings it is also a mind game. Many times a trader’s beliefs will determine their success more than anything else. All traders start out believing it is possible to make money in the markets. Many want to earn their living one day by trading. However it is perseverance, beliefs, and mental determination that will determine who wins and who just quits. Shockingly the majority of millionaire traders lost most of their accounts when they started or they experienced huge draw downs while learning lessons the hard way.


DLF has been in news for all wrong reasons,Chart looks extremely weak. Lot of Gaps needs to be filled on downside and this downmove will fill them

Sell below 206.8 Tgt 205.2,202 and 197.8


IDFC gas broken the triangle, panic selling below 149.

Sell below 149 Tgt 147.7,146 and 144

Buy above 150.6 Tgt 152.9 ,154.4 and 155.4



Formed a DOJI at top with a bearish engulfing pattern.

Sell below 196.7 Tgt 195.5,193.4 and 191.8



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