Technical Calls:AIL,PFC and Financial Technologies

By | September 21, 2012 8:48 am

Self-discipline is the ability to make the conscious choice (ultimately it becomes a habit) of doing the thing that will move you towards your goal – and sometimes it’s the hard or unnatural or unpopular thing to do.  It’s foregoing instant gratification for the longer term objective.  Typically, however, people operate on autopilot and this is dangerous when you have not yet developed the right ‘habits’ for success. In the trading game, you must have self-discipline. You must look at the entire forest and not focus on one tree.  If you get too caught up in each and every trade, you will lose sight of the larger goal.


PFC is a stock on a bull run,Stock is up 17% on Week on Week basis,As news is making round that Government will be planing 1.2 cores of loan restructuring for power sector, PFC and REC are main beneficiary. Buy rumor Sell news is apt for PFC and REC

Buy above 197 Tgt 201,206 and 214



Stock has formed a Bullish engulfing pattern with higher highs and Higher lowa in place. Close above 400 will make stock move above its trend line resistance.

Buy above 399 Tgt 404,409 and 414

Sell below 389 Tgt 386,382 and 379


Financial Technologies

Stock is consolidating after a big rally formed a DOJI pattern and near its trend line support so big move in expected either ways.

Buy above 904 Tgt 914,927 and 939

Sell below 897 Tgt 891,878 and 866

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