Technical Calls:PFC,BPCL and Bharti

By | September 5, 2012 8:40 am

People are successful in business because, while they make mistakes at first, they study these mistakes and avoid them in the future. Then by gradually acquiring a knowledge of the basic principles of success, they develop into good business men. Buthow many apply this rule to investing and trading? Very few do any studying at all. Very few take the subject seriously. They drift into the market, very often get ‘nipped’ as the saying is, avoid it for a while, return from time to time with similar results, then gradually drift away from it, without ever having given themselves a chance to develop into what might be good traders or intelligent investors. This is all wrong. People go seriously into the study of medicine, the law, dentistry, or they take up with strong purpose the business of manufacturing or merchandising. But very few ever go deeply into this vital subject (of trading and investing) which should seriously be undertaken by all.”


PFC has seen a waterfall decline from 194-151 odd levels. Stock is showing some sign of strength with the formation of ascending triangle but it need to cross 163-165 on closing basis to show sign of recovery else another pullback near new low will be possible.

Volumes are also a concern as yesterday rise was backed by less volumes as compared to previous day.

Buy above 162 Tgt 163.4,164.9 and 166

Sell below 159.5 Tgt 157.1,155.25 and 152.8


Bharti Airtel

Bharti Airtel is showing sign of strength closing above its trendline.

Buy above 250.1 Tgt 252.9,253.8 and 256

Sell below 247 Tgt 245,243 and 241



Buy above 347 Tgt 349,351 and 355


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  1. irfan

    Hi Bramesh,
    I have lost 2 lakhs in futures & options. I am in deep deep depression..Just tell me is it possible to get back my money as only 5% traders win…if not just tell me I will just quit from sharemarket. I just dont want to come here again. But if yes then Pls pls … me out brother. Whatever you will say I will follow it. but just help me…2 lakhs are my 3 years saving. I have three other stories of losing money other than share market. I dont know why this happens to me. I need a counselling from your side if possible.

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    1. Bramesh Post author

      Hi Irfan,

      Am sorry for your losses and these has happened cause of not having proper system not maintaing disciplne and doing revenge trading.

      I have sent you mail the course i offer which will help you to gain expertise on above mentioned flaws and be a profitable trader.


  2. saran

    I am keenly following your technical analysis and stock analysis.It will be more useful should you mention the TIME along with date


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