FII Derivative Data Analysis for 13 July trade in Nifty Future

By | July 12, 2012 8:13 pm

Infy did it again continued with its  trend of below expectation results and market butchered the stock with a cut of 9%, We already discussed the technical on Infy and TCS which again proved the supremacy of technical analysis.TCS came with a good set of numbers and tomorrow expect fireworks in the counter 1295 is an important level to watch out for.

Always remember Price has everything in it, trick is how you analyses it and plan your trade. FII,DII,Operators and informed traders everyone will buy and sell transaction and same will be reflected in Price, Price is SUPREME


1. FII  sold 17499 Contracts of NF ,worth 415 cores with net OI increasing by 15913 contracts.

2. As Nifty Future was down by 71  points and OI has increased by 15913 contracts  means FII initiated  fresh  shorts in Index futures.

3. As we had discussion traders who have shorted NF in range of 5330-5340 should have made decent profit after today’s down move and as suggested on Facebook should have booked at least 60% of shorts. VIX has moved till 18.71 as we have discussed double bottom in VIX is playing and Nifty has corrected.

4. Resistance for Nifty has come up to 5278  which needs to be watched closely tomorrow,Nifty also has a gap of 9 points which needs to be filled from 5336-5345, another gap today at 5262-5306 and last one from 5189-5150. So 3 gap in range of 5150-5350 and eventually will get filled,But which one first is million dollar question( I will reserve my comment for this,Readers views are invited)? 

5. Nifty June OI is at 2.32 cores with an fresh addition of 13K in OI, no major shorts added. Tomorrow is weekly closing 5211-13 should be protected to keep weekly trend on upside.

6. Total F&O turnover was 1.32  lakh  Cores  with total contract traded at 3.09 lakh, volumes have increased but range expansion is not happening todays range was also 44 points in nifty which leave very less opportunity for Intraday traders .

7.  5300 CE saw an addition of 10 lakhs and total OI stands at 69 lakhs and 5400 CE has the highest OI at 83 lakhs. So 5300 is an immediate  upper ceiling.

8. On Put side 5000 PE is having highest OI of 85 lakhs  with 4 lakhs addition meaning 5000 is current base for market,Liquidation of 17 lakhs was seen in 5200-5300 PE .5200 is the immediate support for market based on Options data.

9.FII  bought 268.54 cores and DII sold 537  cores in cash segment.FII has pupmed in 6680 cores in July series in cash segment. INR closed at 56.02  Live INR rate @

10. Nifty Futures Trend Deciding level is 5225, Trend Changer at 5308 NF (Above this Level Bulls will rule Nifty/Below this levels Bears have upper hand).As a matter of fact NF has closed below 5308 and trend is bearish till 5308 is not taken out.

Buy above 5237 Tgt 5260,5278 and 5300

Sell below 5213 Tgt 5189,5150 and 5130 (Nifty Spot Levels)

Disclaimer: These are my personal views and trade taken on these observation should be traded with strict Sl

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    Sir……Congrats for what u r doing. Its clean , simple and too good. Ur levels are working good. But wud it b possible for u to give us d SL too as small traders like me dont want to take any risk.


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