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Many people have a certain idea of how long and how much effort it takes to make a certain amount of money. Most job situations offer an unchanging reward regardless of effort. This is very different from trading the markets. Most of us are brought up with ideas like working a hard day’s work is what it takes to make money. Very few of us are brought up with the idea that you can make literally thousands of dollars in a matter of minutes with very little expended effort other than picking up the phone and placing a timely trade. This is foreign to most people. And, more importantly, it doesn’t fit the picture most people have of themselves.
For instance, if your father worked 11 hours a day, 6 days a week to put food on your family’s table, then it’s only natural that your idea of making money would include hard work and long hours. You spent much of your childhood seeing it done that way. Because of that, the picture of yourself could most likely be one that is undeserving of money if you don’t put in long, hard hours to make that money. If that is the case, then this picture of yourself is very, very important.

Let me just give you some background on how it works. The self-image controls everything we do in life. It is what we believe to be true about ourselves. It may not necessarily be true, but it is what we believe to be true. We all have a picture of ourselves in our subconscious. This picture is called the self-image. The self-image controls everything we do in life. It is what we believe to be true about ourselves. It may not necessarily be true, but it is what we believe to be true.
Our self-image has a stronger hold on us than you could ever imagine. For instance, if we believe that people don’t deserve to make money as fast as is possible trading the markets, then undoubtedly what will happen if we make money very quickly in the market is our self-image will say, “This is not right, people shouldn’t make money this fast.” And our powerful subconscious will find a way to give that money right back. It is inevitable that it will happen this way. It is very difficult to do something consistently that does not agree with your self-image. It’s proven in hundreds of thousands of scientific cases.
A good example is someone trying to lose weight. Many times people have the picture of themselves as an overweight person. They attempt to try and lose weight using willpower. They go to the gym, try to eat healthier foods, and avoid fatty foods. All that is great. But the reason most people can’t lose weight (or they gain it right back) is because they have that powerful picture of themselves as an overweight person fighting against them.
The self-image is much stronger than any willpower you can come up with. So, until they change the picture they see of themselves, it will be next to impossible to lose weight and keep it off. But when they do change the picture of themselves, it won’t be very difficult at all to lose weight and keep it off. In other words, when they can see themselves as a thin person, it’s not very difficult to become a thin person.
The same is true about whether you deserve to make money as a trader. If you have a self-image that states it isn’t right to be able to make money so quickly, then you will be fighting a losing battle against your powerful self-image. The self-image will always win. Just like the person trying to lose weight, you will only become successful when you have the correct picture of yourself. The picture must be of a person who is deserving of making money in the trading environment. If that is not the picture you currently have of yourself, you’ll need to change that picture. The psycho-cybernetics techniques in Psychological and Performance Coaching will teach you how to change the picture you have of yourself so you will be deserving of making money with your trading.

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