Bank NIFTY Weekly Analysis 13 May-17 May 2024

By | May 13, 2024 8:33 am

Last Week Our Analysis Trend Change level was  48939 Bears were able to do all  target on dowside.

Coming week we have again a combination of Astro and Gann Date Confluence so another volatile week is coming and Bank NIfty has corrected for 9 days so Gann RUle will also kick in  If a price is falling  for 9 consecutive day’s at a stretch, then there is a high probability of a rise for 5 consecutive days. (Ratio is 9:5)

  • SUN Conjunct Uranus
  • Mercury Ingress
  • Mercury Conjuct Venus Helio
  • Mercury Square Pluto
  • Gann Embelem Date

Astro analysis can help identify trends and reversals in the market, and it can be used in combination with other technical analysis methods to improve the accuracy of trading strategies. Gann analysis involves studying charts and identifying support and resistance levels to pinpoint potential trading opportunities.

Bank Nifty Harmonic Pattern

Price has reacted from PRZ zone of 50000 now heading towards 47207-46913 range.

Bank Nifty Gann Angles

Price back to gann angle suppoort zone of 1×2 gann angle.

Planetary Cycles and Bank Nifty Movements

Price heading towards  Jupiter Plannetary line support zone at 46913-47000.

Bank Nifty Supply and Demand

Self Explanatory Chart

Bank Nifty Time Analysis Pressure Dates

15 May is the Important Gann/Astro Date for coming week.

Bank Nifty Weekly Chart

Price is back to AF Support zone.

Bank Nifty Monthly Charts

48650 is Monthly Resistance zone 47325 is Monthly Support zone. 

Bank Nifty Weekly Chopad Levels

Bank Nifty Trend Deciding Level: 47379

Bank Nifty Resistance: 47599,47819,48039,48258

Bank Nifty Support: 47160,46940,46720,46501

Levels mentioned are Bank Nifty Spot

As always I wish you maximum health and trading success

As always I wish you maximum health and trading success

As always, it’s essential to closely monitor market movements and make informed decisions based on a well-thought-out trading plan and risk management strategy. Market conditions can change rapidly, and it’s crucial to be adaptable and cautious in your approach.

Trade smartly and safely.
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