Importance of Trading Education

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One of the best things you can learn about the stock market is how much more there is to learn.

Every day, you’re exposed to new information that will help shape your investment decisions and help you make smarter choices as an investor. For example, did you know that businesses are looking for ways to cut costs? Or that the economy is growing slowly but steadily? These types of things are important so they can affect your trading decisions in interesting ways. If a company releases an updated budget and lowers their projections for future sales growth because they anticipate slower economic growth than expected, this could impact their stock price negatively (and vice versa).

To be successful in any field, it is very important to have a good knowledge of that particular domain. There are various types of trading platforms in the stock market world which provide traders free space and opportunities to do trading on their own convenience but understand the good part of trading is not that important then to understand the complete risks involved in the stock market, so that it finally lead to success in the stock market in any situation.

This is fact of trading 99% money goes to 1 % of traders.

Its like giving IIT and UPSC Exams

Less than 1% of applicants get into the IIT’s still 15 lakh aspirants take the exam every year. We are intrinsically tuned (and sometimes battered) to believe that we are/will be the 1%.

It is a widely spread notion that the Civil Services IAS Exam is the “Mother of All Exams” and one of the toughest exams, as lakhs of candidates take this exam and only thousand-odd make it to the final list. Out of 18 Lakh students just 829 are selected.

Infact Trading is even worse than the IIT /UPSC situation. I am sure lot of people gave IIT/UPSC  knowing they will never qualify, and lots didn’t even give, knowing they are not fit. But stock market is such an addiction, not a single person will say I will stay away till he has lost all hiis capital. 

Trading is ruthless boxing – get hit most times, one hard punch at unexpected time turns deadly, even winners get bruised, need to be on toes & be vigilant at all times with 100% focus on price action while keeping eyes & ears elsewhere! It’s zero-sum to most!
Trading stocks, for instance, require a trader to have keen knowledge of how the stock market works. Forex trading is the same. You can’t gain profits just by mindlessly pitting one currency against another.
Here are the three core concepts for trading education that seasoned, consistent traders follow to stay on top market fluctuations.

Get a Mentor

The best asset to your trading is having a knowledgeable mentor in your corner. Even the most well-written book or well-structured online trading course can only cover so many contingencies! When you run into a unique scenario and money -your money – is on the line, why gamble when you could ask someone more experience for help?

A mentor can ensure that your trading practices get off on the right foot, as well. If you develop bad habits or emotional triggers early on in your trading career, it’s going to be that much harder to “shake” them later on. Remember: your mentor has likely had the same fears, the same apprehensions and the same mistakes under their belt – learn from their mistakes and the student might even surpass the teacher, in time.

Trading psychology:

Every trader needs to have the right psychology to succeed. A trading course will help you to understand and develop yourself, as well as understand the market psychology deeply.

If you want to be a good trader “Be the Best Listener.” Listen To Market, Experienced Traders. If a losing trade sets you off, then this can affect your trades going forward. And this is dangerous. We call this trading on “tilt.”


In the stock markets, opportunities do not last forever. So unless you are quick, you will miss opportunities for making money. Most trading courses have sessions which will help the students to improve upon the speed at which they place their orders.The market will not stop for anyone as it is a cycle from east to west. i.e., Japan to US markets, and in this chain many opportunities will be made available to traders so we need to be agile to grab the opportunity as it may come, and our research and orders should be ready even before the market opens. Most trading courses have sessions that will focus on the speed at which students place their orders thus helping students to improve upon the speed.

Profits of getting stock market training:

  • Helps in understanding the complete techniques to earn more profit in the stock market.
  • In-depth technical knowledge of Trends & Patterns to identify stock price movements.
  • Tactics to apply in trading to reduce risk and gain more profit in the stock market.
  • Make you stronger for handling adverse situations without facing any loss.
  • Makes you flexible to trade anywhere and everywhere.
  • Helps in building confidence in every domain of stock and share market.
  • Grows horizon to all sectors of investment.
  • Understanding the Money Management and Risk Management techniques
  • With right techniques & methods along with risk handling techniques, is very likely to earn handsomely from the market through trading & Investments.
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