The Power of a Father’s Blessing: A Story of Perseverance and Success

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This Is A True Incident Of A Businessman Of Khambhat In Gujarat.
When the time of his death came imminent, he called his only son and said that son –

“I do not have the wealth which I inherit from you, but I have worked with truth and authenticity all my life, then I bless you. I tell you, you will be very happy in life and if you touch the dust, it will become gold.”

The son bowed his head and touched Dad’s feet. The father blessed with a hand on his head and gave up his life with satisfaction.
Now the expenditure of the house was to be handled by son Dhanapal. He started his business on a small cart. Slowly the business started growing. Took a small shop. Business increased further. Now He was counted among the affluent people of the city.
He believed that all this was the result of my father’s blessings because he suffered in life but never gave up patience, did not leave reverence, did not give up authenticity, so there was strength in his speech and his blessings flourished and He was happy.
This thing used to come out of his mouth again and again.
One day a friend asked – There was so much strength in your father, so
  • Why did he not live a happy and prosperous life himself?
  • Why he was not happy?
Dharampal said that I am not talking about the strength of the father, I am talking about the Power of his Blessings.
In this way, he would talk of his father’s blessings again and again, and people kept his name only  “Father’s blessing” 
Dhanapal does not mind it, he says that I want to be worthy of my father’s blessings.
Many years passed while doing so. He started doing business abroad. Wherever he did business, he would have benefited a lot.

Once it came to his mind that I only gain, then I should feel loss once.

So he asked one of his friends to tell me the business in which I am at a loss. The friend felt that He has become very Proud of his success and wealth. To remove its pride, I will tell Him such a business that will give him a BIG LOSS. So he told him that you buy Cloves from India and fill it in the ship and go to Zanzibar, Africa and SELL it.
Zanzibar is a country of cloves. Traders bring Cloves from there to India and sell here at ten to twelve times the price. If you buy in India and sell it in Zanzibar, then there is a clear loss in it. But Dharmapala decided that I would take the Cloves from India and take it to Zanzibar myself and will SEE the Power of my  “Father’s blessing”.
In order to experience the loss, he bought the Cloves in India and filled them in the ship himself and reached the island of Zanzibar. Zanzibar was ruled Sultan.
Dharmapala was getting off the ship on a long sandy path to meet the merchants there. “He saw a Sultan-like person coming from the front with foot soldiers. He asked someone who he was. He said that this is the “Sultan of Zanzibar.”
Sultan, looking at him, asked him to introduce him. He said that I am a merchant of ‘Khambhat’, a province of Gujarat in India and have come here to do business. The Sultan considered him a merchant and respected him and started talking to him.
Dharmapala saw that there are hundreds of soldiers with the Sultan, but there are big Sieve in there hand, nothing but sword, gun etc. He was surprised. He politely asked the Sultan what his soldiers were doing with Sieve .
The Sultan laughed and said this morning I came to walk on the beach. Then a ring from my finger came out and fell somewhere. Now I do not know where the ring fell in the sand. So that’s why I brought these soldiers along. After filtering this sand, I will search my ring from it.

Dharampal said- The ring must be very expensive.

Sultan said- No, I have countless rings worth much more than that.But that ring is the blessing of a Fakir.

I believe that my Sultanate is so strong and happy with the blessing of that Fakir. I value that RING more than  my all ASSETS combined.  So saying that the Sultan asked again Seth- What goods have you come this time.

Dharmapala said Cloves ! The Sultan’s was AWESTRUCK and SURPRISED.
He Said Dharmapala This is Country of Cloves . Have you come here to sell Cloves ? Who gave you such advice. Surely someone will be your enemy.
Here we get Cloves for a penny. Who will buy the cloves here and what will you earn?
Dharmapala said that I have to see if there is profit here too. With the Blessings of my Father I have made a profit in whatever business I have done till date. So now I want to see if his blessings flourish here too?
Sultan asked- “Father’s blessings? What does this mean?
Dharmapala said that my Father worked with honesty and authenticity all his life, but could not make money. He had blessed me with the name of God while dying, by placing a hand on my head that  the dust in your hand will also become gold.
While speaking, Dharmapala bowed down and plucked a handful of sand from the ground and opened his fist in front of Sultan and let the sand go.

Dharmapala and Sultan were surprised as Dharmapala had a diamond studded ring in his hand. This was the lost ring of the Sultan.

The Sultan was very pleased to see the ring. Wow God! Your strength is ENORMOUS. You Made the father’s blessing come true.
The Sultan was overjoyed and hugged Dharmapala and said that Today I will give whatever you ask for.
Dharmapala said that you should live for 100 years and May the Kingdom be Happy and Prosperous. Apart from this, I don’t want anything.
The Sultan became more pleased. He said that Seth, I will buy all your goods today and will give you your asking price.

This Story Teaches That If The Blessings Of The Father Are There, Then No Power Of The World Will Let You Be Defeated Anywhere. There Is No Other Property Like Blessing. The Mother Who Knows The Mind Of The Child And The Father Who Cherishes The Future Is The Two Great Astrologers Of The World, Just Respect Them And You Will Not Have To Ask For Anything From God . Honor Your Elders. This Is The Greatest Service To God.

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