Gann Trading Strategy: Weekly Nifty Stocks Trade Setups with Chart Analysis

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Gann trading strategy involves using technical analysis and mathematical calculations to predict future price movements in the stock market. Weekly Nifty stock trade setups with chart analysis involve looking at the Nifty index and identifying potential trading opportunities based on price patterns and support and resistance levels.

To use this strategy, traders should first analyze the weekly chart of the Nifty index to identify key levels of support and resistance. They should then look for individual stocks within the index that are trading near these levels and have formed bullish or bearish price patterns.

For example, if the Nifty index is trading near a key support level and a stock within the index has formed a bullish reversal pattern, it may be a good buy opportunity. Conversely, if the Nifty index is trading near a key resistance level and a stock within the index has formed a bearish reversal pattern, it may be a good sell opportunity.

Traders should also consider using stop-loss orders to limit their risk in case the trade does not go as planned. Overall, Gann trading strategy can be a useful tool for identifying potential trade setups in the Nifty index and individual stocks.


Trend Deciding Level:2222

Weekly Resistance: 2247,2271,2295,2319,2344

Weekly Support: 2198,2174,2150,2125,2100



Trend Deciding Level:2572

Weekly Resistance: 26598,2624,2649,2666

Weekly Support: 2546,2521,2495,2469,2444



Trend Deciding Level: 1420

Weekly Resistance:1439,1459,1478

Weekly Support:1401,1382,1362,1343



Trend Deciding Level: 837

Weekly Resistance: 844,850,858,866,872

Weekly Support: 830,822,814,808,800



Trend Deciding Level: 1565

Weekly Resistance:1585,1605,1625,1645

Weekly Support:1544,1524,1503,1483



Trend Deciding Level: 3172

Weekly Resistance:3200,3228,3256,3284

Weekly Support: 3144,3123,3100,3085



Trend Deciding Level: 532

Weekly Resistance:538,544,549,555,562

Weekly Support:527,521,515,510

Kotak Bank

Trend Deciding Level: 1684

Weekly Resistance: 1704,1724,1744,1765

Weekly Support: 1663,1643,1610,1585,1555



Trend Deciding Level: 374

Weekly Resistance: 377,380,383,386,389

Weekly Support: 371,368,365,362,359


Trend Deciding Level: 2442

Weekly Resistance: 2446,2485,2511,2536,2562,2588

Weekly Support: 2417,2393,2366,2333



  • All prices relate to the NSE Spot/Cash Market

  • Keep Max SL of 1% Fron Entry

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