What is Gann Time Theory? How to Apply the Gann Time Theory Strategy?

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William Delbert Gann was apparently one of the most victorious stocks and commodity traders that we ever had. A trader who created the technical analysis tools named as Gann Angles, Square of 9, Hexagon, and Circle of 360. W.D. Gann’s market predicting methods were based on geometry, astronomy and astrology, and ancient mathematics. n his trading career at some point, W.D.Gann took three year’s break to go to the U.K to learn and understand the history of selling prices of Wheat. During his thorough studies, he created some very influential and pioneering techniques, called the Square of 9.

Brief History

He was born in Lufkin, in the city of Texas on June 6, 1878. Using his own style of technical analysis, W.D. Gann was reported to have taken more than 50 million dollars in profits out of the markets. W.D. Gann started trading at the beginning of 1900’s, and in 1908 shifted to New York City to open his personal brokerage firm, Gann & Company.

The foundation of his trading techniques was based on time and price analysis. This made it feasible for Mr. Gann to verify not only when a trend change was about to happen, but also what the best price would be to enter, or exit that market. So precise were Mr. Gann’s techniques that in the company of representatives of a chief financial publication, he completed 286 trades in a period of 25 market days. Of which, 264 trades were profitable. A trading record that Gann held has never been exceeded by any person since. In presence of a customs inspector, he turned $130 into $12,000 in less than 1 month.

Gann theory was a concept developed by William D. Gann in the 1900s. He was a successful trader and believed that stock prices change with an angle. An asset can move in different angles. He noticed that price changes were related to natural geometric shapes and predicted future price movements in relation to time.

Before entering into the prediction magic, always remember that future is just a repetition of the past. And the future might be greater or lower, major or minor, and positive or negative as per the market’s present conditions.

To accurately grab the future with strong predictions you need to about the major cycles. whenever you want to make money from the stock market, you need a close watch on major cycles. Because at the end of every major cycle you will see extreme fluctuations and fast moves in the cycle.

Here comes the concept of the Gann time cycle. It is very helpful to mint money in the stock and commodity market.

Let’s dive into the Gann time cycle and understand the process.

We have been Following Gann from last 15 years and tried to decipher his methods and develop trading strategies based on them. In Below videos we have discussed few of his strategies.  More are covered as part of our trading courses.

Gann Learning Playlist :-


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