Has USD INR Made Short Term Top ?

By | July 13, 2022 11:32 pm

When economic data is watched very closely by market participants and the worst is expected, then probably the worst also gets priced in. Today US CPI came above 9 Still Dollar Index is seeing Cool off. Rupee remains almost a median performer against major global currencies.Brent is trading close to 99 handle and that augurs well for the Rupee. 

Gann Price Time Analysis for Indian Rupee

Indian Rupee has seen a perfect Price time Squring today. 121 Days from 11 Jan and price is at resistance zone. Break of 79.55 can see quick fall towards 79.25/79.10

Plannetary Line for Indian Rupee

Perfet DOJI at Planneatry Line of Resistance

Harmonic Pattern for Indian Rupee

79.80/80 complete the Pattern,

USD Neural Forcast

Neural sees a decline till  20 June.

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