Nifty and Bank Nifty Gann and Astro Dates for Month of October 2021

By | October 2, 2021 6:00 pm

Time period cycles also recur with uncanny regularity. The cause of this is unknown but some have speculated that it is either innate biological time clocks in humans, or it is planetary in nature,since the movements of the big planets are highly correlated with stock movements.

Recent studies point out electromagnetic radiation from the stars as the timing mechanism and the revolution of the earth each day modified by the planets causing interference patterns, is much analogous to a radio receiver being tuned to a channel.

At the precise channel tuning point the electrical force is maximum and in the stock market that is when we see big market reversals on heavy volume. This theory may never be completely proven, but just like gravity which is still unknown, we can nevertheless make reasonable assumptions and calculations that will be of benefit in investing. These energies from whatever source show up in the patterns on charts and these rhythmic patterns can be manipulated with math and geometry to give us terminal points for great stock market trades.

Nifty and Bank Nifty Important Astrological/Gann Dates for OctoberMonth. OctoberMonth will be quiet volatile based on Gann time and price cycle so trade carefully and with right position size  Note down the High and Low of these dates Which ever side broken trade can be done with SL of Low if High is broken on the next trading day .

  • 02-Oct-21

  • 06-Oct-21

  • 11-Oct-21

  • 14-Oct-21

  • 18-Oct-21

  • 25-Oct-21

  • 28-Oct-31

Below are few videos we have made to show Effect of Planets on Stock Market and How to trade

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