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By | July 27, 2021 3:38 pm

Again, you have one boss—the Market. The market will disrespect those who disrespect her.

  • If you are unprepared, you will be punished.

  • If you lack discipline, you will be reprimanded.

  • The market eliminates those unworthyof participation.

Some examples of being disrespectful as an intraday trader?

  • If you are doubling down, then you are being disrespectful. 

  • If you fail to hit stocks that hit your predetermined exit price,

  • If you are unprepared to trade, then youare being disrespectful.

  • If you ignore the price action of a stock or the market because they are disharmonious with your predictions, then thisis disrespectful.

  • Anything less than your complete focus is disrespectful.

  • Thinking you know best, or you are bigger than the market is disrespectful.

The result of such actions are heavy fines from Mother Market.

When you actively trade like we do, you compete against the most sophisticated people in the world.They may have more money and experience than you. They probably are armed with more information than you, 

Who the hell are you to think you can roll in at 9:15 AM, sit down at your trading terminal , check out a few websites, glance at your filters, and think that you can compete against them?

“The market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent,” wrote John Maynard Keynes at the beginning of the 20th century. This is still true today. I cannot think of a quote that has been more helpful to me during my trading career. 

There are going to be trades where you watch the price action and think, “What the is happening here? This move is ridiculous.” Drredy price action today.

You will watch stocks sold at prices that you are convinced are crazy Eg ZOMATO. And it probably is.But you have to survive these irrational moves in a stock. You can wipe out your trading account on ONE crazy move. Over the course of your trading career, you will develop thousands of excellent risk/reward opportunities. Why jeopardize your career, your passion, on one trading idea?

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