Understanding the Trading Brain

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Trading Problems are not the same for all people, they are always unique!
This also has to do with the structure of our brain.
Our Brain is made up of three Systems that are of different ages and pursue different interests.
And these completely opposing interests of the three brain regions are constantly influencing each other. These opposing alignments are what make trading so difficult.
The brain is like a house that has been out and about for thousands of years was rebuilt and in which individual rooms are connected to each other. It differs from the brains of other living things in the ability to to think logically, to communicate with our fellow human beings and due to
the size of the memory. 
Originally it was believed that The brain is a single coherent structure. But the renowned American brain researcher Paul D. McLean (1913-2007) could prove that the human brain is made up of three areas that are of different ages in evolutionary history and have different functions
to have.
The brains in detail:
The brain stem is the oldest brain because it is with its functions was already in reptiles. It saves experiences from Millions of years. It is the seat of the feelings of life and instincts like
eg fear and panic. It is also called the “reptilian brain”.
The diencephalon is the medieval part of our brain. There is him since the appearance of the first mammals. The »emotional Brain “is and will be the control center of emotions Called the Limbic System.
The cerebrum is the youngest brain. Man also calls it the “thinking brain” and it takes up most of the space. It enables us to organize, communicate and be creative to be. It is the brain of rationality, of planning action and the foresight.
You will see that this “interplay of the brains” relates to the can affect individual trading behavior and their trading style!
Lets Understand Each Brain Region in Detail
The brain stem-oriented person
  • Strives for Human Closeness
  • Person-oriented.
  • For this type of people are always more important than Things, which is why he tries to achieve harmony relatively strongly. 
  • Avoids Controversy and does not stand up to opposing opinions.
  • Thinking and acting are rather inflexible.
  • Does not say no to anyone  he doesn’t want to hurt anyone.
  • Tends to focus on others Analysts,What they are saying about Market and can quickly  dissuade His opinion.

A short-term trading style with this personality type difficult to implement. Because it is difficult to find many “NOs” in the market as they are afraid of SL’s .He would thereby fall into a strong uncertainty such as:

“What do the others think – should I do now what the others do too
do? “It is then difficult to achieve one’s own trading style.

These Type of Indivdual are not made for Trading and if they trade they are going to Blow off the trading accounts

The diencephalic person
  •  is dominant in character
  • This type of person can make mistakes and are quick to admit and correct them
  • Live in the Present Moment
  • Flexible in Nature

This type is quite suitable for short-term trading. However, he must be careful that he does not over-trades and trading success through too many actions and impulses

The cerebrum oriented person
  • The person is someone who is rather closed and seems distant.
  • He tries to keep a safe distance and is a lone fighter.
  • This type of person solves problems on a factual level, has little Relation to his feelings and is rational and process-oriented.
  • He goes systematically, is reliable, persistent and works schematically.
  • He is Able to abstract widely, takes a long time to make decisions and must weigh up different aspects before making a decision to then proceed in a structured manner.
  • He only differs from his opinion when there are new, valid arguments.
  •  In the chaos he keeps calm 
A person with this personality structure has very good trading skills exposures. It will be easy for him to learn to trade. Because his
controlled emotionality on the interpersonal relationship level
So will be found in his trading. »Stopped out – never mind
– next trade. “He also becomes trading rationally and with one
implement sober mind. This type will certainly find its strengths in the
Being able to practice system trading, swing and position trading.
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