Financial Astrology: How to Forecast Stock and Commodity Prices

By | February 29, 2020 5:17 pm

Astrology can be applied to a multitude of fields, other than forecasts for individual persons. One such field is financial astrology, also called astro-economics – the astrological method to analyze and predict matters of business and finance.

One of the difficulties in assessing the relationship between prices and the planets is the large number of variables involved. Most astrologers work with at least 9 planets, 7 aspects (i.e. the angular separation between two planets), 12 houses and 12 constellations, to say nothing of asteroids, fixed stars, nakshatras or whatever other supplementary parameters one chooses to mention. Taken together, this produces a huge number of possible permutations that can be correlated with market trends.

The basic astrological elements for forecasting the stock market are no different from standard astrology. The constant motion of the planets through the houses and zodiac signs supply the framework for an astrological model.

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