Crude bounce from Gann Angle Support,Weekly Forecast

By | December 8, 2018 10:13 pm

As Discussed in Last Analysis We are near support level as seen in below chart.Coming week as we have formed Doji on Weekly chart, above 3730 we can say correction is over. Below 3512 we can see correction till 3451/3375/3326.

We saw a perfect bouce back from Crude as effect of time cycle combined with gann angle support led to big gap up and we had another big rally on Friday almost 6% up again good move captured from 3730.

For coming week we are back at the resistance zone as we can see in gann chart ,Planetary chart and Crude should cross above 3867 for the up move to continue towards 3969/4096.

4096 will act as a very strong resistance for Crude from coming 2 weeks.

Bears will get active below 3810 for a move back 3721/3666/3600.

Crude Time Cycle

Major Trend Change date for Crude for December Month

  1. 03-Dec-18
  2. 10-Dec-18
  3. 17-Dec-18
  4. 21-Dec-18
  5. 26-Dec-18
  6. 29-Dec-18



Weekly Trend Change:3810

Weekly Resistance :3888,3921,4000,4096

Weekly Support:3721,3666,3600,3560,3512


Levels Mentioned are for Nov Contract Crude

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