Stock Market and State Elections Part -II

By | December 2, 2018 4:12 am

In Continuation with Previous Post

For Bank Nifty Analysis on Election Day Watch this Video

5 State Election Results 2016


Conclusion: Nifty Made Short term top and saw Correction of 200 points in 4 days


5 State Election Results 2017




Conclusion: Result came on Weekend not during market hours Nifty opened with Gap up formed Doji and showed a small rally of 200 points in next 3 days but the Low of day before election results was not broken.


Guj and HP State Election Results 2017


Conclusion: Bottom Made also Gann Price Time Squaring done and we had a big rally till 11000


North East Election Result


Conclusion: BJP won the Crucial State of Tripura market was rallying before the event Top Made 1 day before election results an a decent correction.

Karnataka Election Result


Conclusion: BJP unable to form government 72 days from top of 29-Jan Short term Top made and fall also 400+ Points also we have gann price time Squaring done

So common trend we are going to see a Top or Bottom formation and see a move of 200-300 points, Best trade is to wait for election day to get over and next day High and Low of Election Result day broken trade in that direction and ride the rally.

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