Nifty Astrological Analysis

By | October 27, 2018 5:34 pm

Indian Market have been on a roller coaster ride with Top made on 28 Aug 2018 @11760 almost down 10% in 1 Month Period, Stocks have been falling just like the crash we have seen in 2008.How far the Nifty can correct more or are we near a bottom.I have tried to analyze from Astrological perceptive and below are my finding, Please use them for Study Purpose.

2016 Bottom   

We formed 2 Bottom in 2016

1. 6825 — 29 Feb 2016

2. 7893 — 26 Dec-2016

Both the bottom were captured by the Lunar Mode Line as seen in below chart

2008 Bottom

Lunar Mode line was broken around 06 October and we had a very sharp correction and fall till Jupiter line and once above Lunar Mode line had a very good rally.


Recent fall

We are again nearing the Lunar Mode line suggesting either we have made  a  short term bottom near 10000 or  we are near a bottom which can form anywhere between 9826-9900 If we break 10000 next week. 

If We are near 2008 scenario we can see a sharp fall till 9300-9400 if we close below 9826 on Daily Basis.

Saturn Line

Below are Chart how Nifty has reacted to Saturn line, where we form Low or Top for short term

  1. Chart is for 2016


2. Below chart is for 2018 Suggesting we are near a bottom


So Lets see How market oblige us but next 2 weeks will be very interesting as we are bound to see sharp move based on Astrologcial Events

Below are the Important Astrological Date for November Month

1. 05 November

2. 13 November

3. 16 November (Most Important Date as Many Time Cycle are converging)

4. 22 November

5. 26 November


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