DivA Software for Fundamental Analysis for All Companies of BSE and NSE

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Chart nexus one of the most Widely Used Software for Technical Analysis has come up with an Fundamental Software also. I have been using it and looks quiet cool to me.

Below are the Salient Feature of the DivA Software

1. List of companies in Dashboard which is Optimized by Chart Nexus formula, we have a score rating for each Fundamental performance and sort the best companies according to the ranking.
2. DY Tracker, able to know the past year historical high and historical low dividend yield compare with the Current dividend yield.
3. ChartNexus has own formula to calculate and analyses the health check of the company from the aspect of Dividend, Operation, Liquidity, Debt, Profitability, Effectiveness, Financial and P-Score.

Health Check:

Dividend Health Check:

There is 6 grades of rating based on Dividend: Splendid, High, Above average, Average, Below average and Low. The score is from the metric below:

Financial Health Check:

There is 5 grades of rating based on Financial: Excellent, Good, Normal, Bad and Worse. The score is from the metric below:

4. General Information of company, and can also know the Financial Summary for the latest financial results and Shares information.
5. Fundamental Screener, able to customize own Fundamental rule and screen out the company that fulfilled the criteria.

6. Price Chart, other than Fundamental functionality, DivA also provide technical stock chart. With a range of Indicators and drawing tools to help user to do technical analysis.
7. FA Info, user can see all the Fundamental data for each company for the past 5 financial years.
8. Trainer Watchlist, trainer can create a watchlist and users will able to see it so that they can follow or update what is the latest stocks recommended by the trainer.

9. DivA is not just a fundamental tool, it is comprehensive as the user can also do technical analysis using the Price Chart page. There is a list of indicator can be use:

They are Providing 7 Days of Free Trail, User Interested can Put there mail ID in comment section and I can get there ID Created.

Once Your Free Trail Period gets over and You want to Subscribe below are the Charges.

The selling price will be ₹6000 for 3 months, ₹11,000 for 6 months and ₹20,000 for 1 year.

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