Traders Success Model

By | March 29, 2018 9:19 am

Just a reminder – The Most Important Part of the Trader Success Model – YOU

While You are trading or planing to take a trade, It YOU from making a trade plan till trade execution irrespective of profit and loss.Many traders gives excuses like Market is bad so we lost money , Do remember market is always right its YOU where faults lies into.

Surprised, you really shouldn’t be as you are the one writing your own trading story, so the big question is;

  • Do you really want to be a trader?
  • Do you have ability to become a trader, means thinking I want to be trader will nt work out, Do you have a concrete plan ?
  • How much do you believe in your ability to get there?

My mentor once told me the below lines which are etched in my Mind as if he told me 5 minutes before.

“Trading is the most tough-fest business,you will need to be tough to survive and become a successful trader.  It is not enough just wanting to be a trader you have to believe that you can truly be a professional trader and you will need to work on that belief every single day. If you give anything less than your very best effort you may as well give up now and do 9-5 Job”


Remember, you are competing against other traders just like YOU! The successful traders are better prepared, smarter, more disciplined, have better technology and are relentless in being the best they can be.  Do you want to join this group?

What will separate YOU from them is your commitment, discipline, professionalism, self belief and the fact that you are building a winning team!

So Stop giving excuses to yourself and get to work.

In my trading course also  my mail emphasis is on  YOU.  You will find out things about yourself that you previously may not have known.  For some of you this will be your favorite part of this process and for others it will be a little too revealing as we start to identify and build on your unique trading personality.

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