Bank Nifty ready for Big move, EOD Analysis

By | February 22, 2018 9:13 pm
  • As Discussed in Last Analysis   As today in expiry fresh short below 24800 can see fast move towards 24650/24500. Bullish above 25000 for a move towards 25160/25250. Today is another important time cycle date, good move will be seen in bank nifty in coming 2 days. Bank Nifty again broke the lower end in gap down recovered immediately and traded in small range throughout  the day. As seen in below chart we continue to hold gann angle and today was an important time cycle day today, so we can see price time squaring.  Bullish above 25000 for a move towards 25160/25250/25500. Bearish below 24750 for a move towards 24500/24260. Important intraday time for reversal can be at 9:55/1:34 How to stay grounded in Trading.

  • Bank Nifty March Future Open Interest Volume is at 16.9 lakh with addition of 7.5 Lakh, with increase in Cost of Carry suggesting Long positions were added today. Bank nifty Rollover cost @25010, and rollover %@64.3 lower than last month.


Buy above 25000 Tgt 25110,25220 and 25355 (Bank Nifty Spot Levels)

Sell below 24900 Tgt 24800,24710 and 24620 (Bank Nifty Spot Levels)

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