Bank Nifty Bulls protect 25150, EOD Analysis

By | November 8, 2017 9:22 pm


  • As discussed in Last Analysis   We saw the effect of trend change date today  as bank nifty corrected 300 point on same day, High made was 25695 so bank nifty bulls failed to move above 25700, As soon as 25400 was broken bears pushed nifty towards 25250 but failed to go below 25150, Till 25150 is held we can see bounce back again in the market  till 25500/25700. Bearish below 25150 for a move towards 25000/24700. Bank Nifty broke 25150 today but failed to close below it, Till 25150 is held bulls have change to come back in the game and scale towards 25500/25700. Bearish below 25150 for a move towards 25000/24800. Demonetization has been beneficial to Stock Market

  • Bank Nifty Nov Future Open Interest Volume is at 22.7 lakh with addition of 1.32 Lakh, with increase in Cost of Carry suggesting short positions were added today. Bank nifty Rollover cost @24786,closed above it.
  • 25500 CE is having highest OI @5.8 Lakh resistance at 25500 followed 26000.24500-26500 CE added 0.79 lakh in OI so bears added position as bank nifty finally closed below 25500.


  • 25000 PE is having highest OI @16.6 Lakh, strong support at 25000 followed by 24800.24500-26500 PE liquidated 0.46 lakh in OI so bulls getting nervous as bank nifty is on verge of breaking 25150.


Buy above 25250 Tgt 25350,25440 and 25560 (Bank Nifty Spot Levels)

Sell below 25150 Tgt 25060,25000 and 24900 (Bank Nifty Spot Levels)

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