Are you Victim of Sleep Disorder?

By | August 5, 2017 6:22 pm

To achieve the impossible dream, try going to sleep…Joan Klempner

Healthy Body keeps an Healthy Mind.

Traders are notorious for having bad sleep habits. Many stay up into the early hours of the morning watching, studying or trading overnight, then struggling to stay awake during the day to trade the regular session. To trade well and consistently, it is critical to get good sleep, including adequate amounts of dream (REM- Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. Stable mental health correlates directly adequate REM sleep, since it has been shown that REM deprivation leads to anxiety, depression and behavioral disturbances. Tired traders do not trade well, make numerous mistakes and have increased anxiety and depression.

Some tips for traders to help with sleep-related issues:


  • Limit coffee, tea, caffeinated soft drinks to two cups a day and avoid these for at least six hours prior to sleep.


  • Take flower teas (chamomile, valerian) to help with relax you before sleep


  • Exercise in the morning or early evening and not less than three hours prior to sleep


  • Develop a standard relaxing bedtime routine, including going to sleep at the same time each night


  • Make your bedroom a quiet, peaceful place that is dark, cool, quiet and comfortable


  • Remove all electronic equipment from your bedroom, including computers, cell phones, televisions and lighted clocks


  • Learn how to “power nap”


  • Practice yoga or meditation for 10-20 minutes prior to sleep


  • Avoid self-medication with alcohol. You may fall asleep more quickly, but will likely suffer from very early-morning awakening and anxiety as unintended consequences
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