Important Message for Traders Holding Dec 2015 Options Contracts

By | September 22, 2015 11:14 am

As discussed before on this post Revision of Market Lot of Derivative Contracts on Indices and Stocks

Nifty December Lot Size will change to 75 after September expiry, Currently lot size is 50 not 25. Traders holding December Options need to readjust their position before September Expiry else they will get Stuck u till December 2015.

Let me explain the same with an elaborative example.

Ramu is Holding 1 lot(50 Qty) of Nifty 8500 CE Dec 2015 Contract after 24 Sep when September Expiry get over the new Lot size will will effective ie. 1 lot will become 75 instead of 50.

So if Ramu keeps holding 1 Lot of 8500 CE Dec 2015 contract he will not be able to exit till Dec 2015 expiry is over. Now to get over this there are 2 ways

  1. Ramu need  exit the 1 lot he is holding  before September expiry
  2. Ramu needs to Buy another 2 Lots ie 100 Quantity so as his total quantity will become 150 and After Sep 2015 expiry will turn is 2 lots ie. (150/75)

Remember that Traders need to get this done before the end of September expiry on Thu, 24th Sep 2015.

Pass on this message to your know traders so as to avoid shock after Sep expiry and no one is end up holding positions in Dec 2015 contract.

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  1. Saumya

    Thanks for the info. But what will be the position if one fails to convert into lots divisible by 75 OR still keep holding Dec option contracts (in october) say 1, 2, 4 lots (not divisible by 75)


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