Nifty saw black Friday,FII FnO Data Analysis for 07 Sep

By | September 5, 2015 5:30 pm


  • FII’s sold 15.6 K contract of Index Future worth 356 cores ,1.5 K Long contract were added  by FII’s and 17.1 K  short contracts  were added by FII’s. Net Open Interest increased  by 18.6 K contract, so today’s rise in market was used by FII’s to enter long  and enter  shorts in Index futures  Reason for Sensex crashing to 13 month low
  • Black Friday was witnessed on Dalal Street as nifty break its previous swing low of 7667 and closing below its. Weekly trend with combination of gann date proved a lethal dose for bears.7563 becomes a very important level to be watched in coming week as this is the high of May 16 when NDA won election break and close below 7563 will be very fatal and nifty can correct all the way till 7503 which is major pivot as per MML and 7422 is the demand area.

Nifty MML

  • Nifty September Future Open Interest Volume is at 2.31 core with addition of 5 Lakh with increase in OI and decrease in CoC suggesting short position have been added. Rollover stand at 65 % and avg cost of rollover @ 7998.
  • Total Future & Option trading volume was   at 2.31  Lakh core with total contract traded at 7.8  lakh . PCR @0.91.
  • 8200  CE  OI at 43.5  lakh , wall of resistance @ 8200 .7700/8000 CE added 23  lakh in OI so bears added major position today in 7900/8000  CE and added 86 Lakh.  FII bought 65.8 K CE longs and 64 K CE were shorted  by them.Retail bought 94 K CE contracts and 35.5 K CE were shorted  by them.
  • 7500 PE OI@ 45  lakhs  strong base @ 7500.  7900/8100 PE  liquidated 11  lakh so finally liquidation  was seen by bulls as nifty broke the swing low of 7667. FII bought 87 K PE longs and 54.9 K PE were shorted by them.Retail sold 0.23 K PE contracts and 30 K PE contracts were shorted  by them. Retailers keep buying CE and easy money made by FII’s by shorting them.

Buy above 7600 Tgt 7630,7655 and 7700(Nifty Spot Levels)

Sell below 7563 Tgt 7540,7500 and 7450 (Nifty Spot Levels)

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12 thoughts on “Nifty saw black Friday,FII FnO Data Analysis for 07 Sep

  1. Vijay

    Dear Bramesh ! Please tell me where to watch Fii Buying Activity in running Market. Can we see Which nifty Call Put are they buying ?

  2. rajveer

    thank you for the thorough analysis, big break up coming, should bounce at the 0.618 retracement level near 7400 but eventually targeting a p/e of 15, near 6000.

  3. Sunil

    Based on numerology, may 16 adds up to 7 and sep 7 is also 7. So there is every chance of nifty hitting 7563 on sep 7.

  4. durairajan

    still to go sensex a gap 23572 to 23729 on 12 th may 2014 has to be filled .till then this onslaught will go on


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