Nifty ready for momentum move,FII FnO Data Analysis

By | May 21, 2015 9:53 pm


  • FII’s sold 21.9 K contract of Index Future worth 312 cores,6.9 K Long contract were squared off by FII’s and 15  K  short contracts  were added by FII’s. Net Open Interest increased  by 8 K contract so today’s consolidation was used by FII’s to add majority shorts in Index Future. How Traders can Optimize Trading Mindset Part-II
  • Nifty continue with its range contraction which is healthy for market  as we have 2 weeks of wild moves, range contraction also suggests breakout/breakdown of large magnitude is on cards in near future, which side we will cover in analysis going forwards. Gunner is still positive quadrant till holding above 1*1 gann line for bulls to get in momentum As we have been discussing the whole important  pyrapoint number of 8427 , Nifty still has not been able to close above it.  Range contraction in hourly charts with band of support and resistances are shown in below chart. Tomorrow is all important gann date so trade cautiously.

nifty hourly

NIFTY - Pyrapoint

Nifty Gunner

  • Nifty May Future Open Interest Volume is at 1.31 core with liquidation of 4.3 lakhs with  cost of carry going negative  suggesting  short position got closed. OI is lowest in last 3 months, such low OI generally suggests trending move is round the corner.
  • Total Future & Option trading volume was   at 2.20 core with total contract traded at 3.6 lakh. PCR @1 .18
  • 8500  CE  OI at 50.5  lakh , wall of resistance @ 8500 .8100/8400 CE saw liquidation of 3.2 lakh  ,so bears liquidated  but still holding 63 lakh open position. FII bought 22 K  CE longs and 1.7 K CE  were shorted  by them.
  • 8200 PE OI@ 60.3  lakhs so strong base @ 8200.  8300/8600 PE added 5.3 lakh so bulls are gaining ground  and holding 89  lakh open position.  FII bought 4 K PE longs and 3.2K PE  were shorted  by them.Retailers also bought 0.67 lakh of PE and shorted 0.87 lakh ,  So Retailers buying and shorting PE and FII buying all out in CE option.
  • FII’s sold 186  cores  in Equity and DII’s bought 404  cores in cash segment.INR closed at 63.64


Buy above 8450 Tgt 8480,8514 and 8530 (Nifty Spot Levels)

Sell below 8380 Tgt 8352,8323 and 8300 (Nifty Spot Levels)


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20 thoughts on “Nifty ready for momentum move,FII FnO Data Analysis

  1. santanu

    can u tell me what is the advantage of Discount and Premium in Future price than Spot, Nifty and Stock both, please explore elaborately with a copy to my Email also. Pls. Pls. mostly required/important for trading purpose.

  2. gaurisharma

    bramesh ji do you cover mcx metal in your forecast and technical analysis studies

  3. vinesh kumar

    dear bramesh ji
    this is the part of article of yours dated jan 2013″ understanding CoC” == (Likewise,a fall in OI,accompanied with a rise in CoC,indicates closure of short positions. A falling both OI and CoC indicates that traders are closing long positions.)

    but above you stated that
    “Nifty May Future Open Interest Volume is at 1.31 core with liquidation of 4.3 lakhs with cost of carry going negative suggesting short position got closed.”

    in above statement you said closing of long position while in second statement you said short positions are closed —-which is true ?

    please explain


  4. Dhanaram J

    Brameshji, you said today’s consolidation was used by fii’s to add majority shorts in index future,then cost of carrycarry going negative suggesting short positon got closed, i am not able to understand, please explain, thanks

  5. Shree

    My dear friends, a very big move is on the cards .. next 5 days are do or die foe nifty.. If it is unable to hold 8000, the the very first target is 7600 and then 7400. closing above 8480 might take it to 8680-8694


    Hi Bramesh Ji
    what is 1*1 gann line
    FII’s still holding 13 odd lakh put longs will there be 200 point fall from this stage

  7. well_wisher_india

    Hello mr. bhandari….i read ur blog and get an edge to trade from here…but when i trade i trade all wrong and then i regrett after 3:30….plz suggest me a way so that i stick to levels and not to trade in between…good advice needed ..

    1. sourav ghosh

      if you want to implement these ideas you need to have automate system rather a sort of algo-trade


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